Monday, June 17, 2013


We haven't moved in to are new house yet because of some problems that the seller still has to take care of.

But that hasn't stopped the dreaming and planing. Or at least for me it hasn't, half of are five acres that are house sits on is woods, and I have already drawn up plans for a really cool tree house.

But my newest idea is rabbits! Yep I am going to get rabbits! Probably some time next spring, I want them now but I need time to research how to take care of them and save money for them. The kind I'm  getting is called "Netherland Dwarf rabbits", from the name you might have guessed that they are smaller that normal bunnies. I like that because I like baby animals and this way they will be almost like baby bunnies there whole life!

And they are soooo cute! They have little ears that stick up and there are so many different colors and they don't eat allot of food because they are smaller. My rabbits are going to be out door rabbits because:

1. I am NOT allowed to have them in the house
2. I don't want them in the house
3. I want my rabbits to be able to be outside in there natural habitat

And since my rabbits are going to be out side I am going to have a rabbit hutch for them. But the pre built one are so expensive  so I am going to look in to building one myself but I still have to see it the cost would be the same as if I bought one. And yes I am paying for all of this the rabbits, the rabbit hutch, food, water bottle, hay, beds, toys, and every thing else my bunny needs

My parents are buying bunnies to raise for food! I hate the idea totally and 100% hate it! But  you know I cant stop them, the only thing I can do is make them promise not to eat my bunny!

One other reason I like the little Netherland Dwarf bunnies is because there small,
and will be easy for small cousins to hold. =)

But yes, my new savings project is going to be for my adorable little Netherland Dwrf bunnies!