About Me.

Hi! My name is Victoria, I am 14 years old and on my way to 15.
I was born in South Carolina in December and lived there for about two years until we moved to Frederick Maryland where I lived
for more 10 years.

That all changed a year ago when my family and I picked up and moved our whole family to a five acer, back road property in Gore Virginia, I can honestly say it is the second hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. But I know it was worth it.

I have lots of friends from where I lived, and many here in my new home. I love them, and love to hang out with them.

 I am a Christian, I was raised a Christian, God is my foundation that I run to, the hope, and soul person that gets me through.

 I am homeschooled  high school girl! I also have been homeschooled all my life, well since I started school I have been homeschooled. And I know God has blessed me with the best teacher ever, my mom <3.

When I "grow up" I want to be a author, this is a important goal for me.
I have written lots of novels that have been abandoned and/or forgotten, but that is to be expected of a beginner.

I love the outdoors and I don't mind getting dirty, I also love to bake and cook, knit, read, make lists, plan parties, have parties, go shopping, climb trees, hike, camp, etc....

I have a enormous family on my mom's side, two uncles and four aunts all of them married so it's really six aunts, six uncles. And 23 1st cousins all ranging from the ages of 12 to few months old. And guess where that leaves me? The oldest! I love being the oldest and love my cousins like they were my own brothers and sisters.

Other than that I have the best mom and dad ever! I love them so much! And we get along fine, so all you people who stereotype teen as having a bad relationship with their parents, quit! lol.

I also have one 12 year old little brother, who even though we have great ups and downs I love him.

And there you are. everything else you want to know you'll have to find out along the way. =)


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