Thursday, May 1, 2014

I didn't quit.

I know I missed a few days of posting. I know I posted my Z post one day late. . .but I didn't quit.
I kept going even though it was hard with all the other stuff I do.

So i'm going to say I am a April Blog Challenge survivor for 2014.

The way I see it you don't fail unless you quit or don't do your best. I did my best. And I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts this April. . .more will fallow.

Which post was your favorite from this past April? Comment and tell me. I love to hear from people. =)

Thanks for reading, and congrats to all my fellow a-z bloggers!

Victoria. . .


Over the last couple months you could say God zapped me with a few reason of why he wanted me to move. The simplest one being "I want you to be here."

God zaps truth, reason, or responsibility in to all of us at some point. He zaps us with truth, hope, life, and love.

You and I will never always know God's plan, the reason for it, and the result of it.
Trust. You have to trust that God zaps you when he needs you to be zapped.

You have to believe the truth and wonder behind God's plans.

He is God, and he has a plan to zap in to you =)

Thanks for reading.

Victoria. . .