Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Alive!

I am still Alive! And I'm really sorry  I haven't posted any thing. I've been either doing something productive or  being lazy. So there fore I have decided to come back to the blogging world! So HI to all my disappointed followers.

From now on will try and write two or three blog posts a week. Starting this Sunday! So I hope you will all come back and read them!  


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Running the 5K Is Okay

Saturday I ran the Fredrick 5K!!!! And as you might have guessed I didn't die. Granted it was HARD - probably one of the hardest thing's I've ever done...

The race was about to start, and I could feel my adrenaline pumping. Tension was rising in the racers around me, as hundreds of people shifted their legs restlessly, just waiting to start. I shifted, would they ever say go?

And with that one word races of all ages started the Fredrick 5K. It was slow going at first, because all those people packed together made it hard to move fast. I dodged and weaved, picking up speed as I tried to remember all my dad's tip and instructions. The fist mile was brutal, heart thumping leg's throbbing, and a pain in my stomach that kept bearing down on me, but I pushed through it all. When I passed the one mile marker I felt like calling out for joy. I kept going, and I could feel the sweat in my forehead. I looked up to the sky and prayed a silent prayer. I could see the turn around point ahead, and people frantically grabbing the cups of water that were held out to them. I grabbed one and took a large gulp, expecting water. Except it wasn't water in my was a deadly substance! (Not really- it was just Gatorade. But I was expecting water.) I threw the cup in the nearest trash can, disgusted and disappointed.My whole body seemed to be screaming at me to"STOP!" But I didn't. I was going to push past all of that. I ran the first two miles, but the last mile I had to walk and run. I could see the finish coming up. Was it over? I picked up my pace, and I saw my dad close to the finish. "Good job, Victoria!" he shouted to me.There it was... the finish line... twelve feet, ten, nine, eight...I breathed hard... seven, six, five four... my legs pumped...three, two... I crossed the finish line and stopped. Happiness flooded over me as I hastily grabbed the water bottles they were handing out and continued to the food table.  And you know what? I realized that my dad had been right.The feeling of accomplishment and a cold water bottle was all the reward I needed!

5K (3.02 miles)
I finished in: 32min
I came in as the: 644th person-out of 1,200-something!


Monday, April 30, 2012

$$$$$$$$IF I WAS A ZILLIONAIRE!$$$$$$$$$$

If I won a zillion dollar you know what I would do?Well I would probably give a billion to the church. Then I would probably give another couple billion to my mom and dad, so my dad wouldn't have to work for money. He could get a job as a police officer just for a hobby. Then I guess I would give my brother 1 million dollars,  which might not be a good idea, since he would probably go ransack the Lego row at the toys store. And I'd probably give a lot away to my family and friends. 

But with the rest of it I would buy a big house with lot's of land, and horses. And a swimming pool the size of a house! And inside I would have big couches and a huge room for myself with a big canopy bed the color of emeralds. I will have a fencing court in the back yard (my brother's idea). And a theater. And a few dogs and cats. And I would have my agent track down the cat I had once and bring him back to me. And a room for lizards and snakes of all kinds. And I would have a library and and kitchen with a chef! And then I'm going to go to Kauai, and France. And I would buy a a cool car. This is all "what if..."

I wish it was true. I would love to have a ton of money. But that's probably not what God has in store for me. But I am thankful for what I have.......

A-Z note: I have been more than glad to participate in the A-Z blog challenge. I hope you have enjoyed my topics. But from now on I will only posting a blog post every few days. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. =)



Saturday, April 28, 2012

Youth group fun!

One of the things I love about are church is the youth group. We have so much fun! We go on bike trips, and snow tubing trips, and we have cook outs, and I love it! I love to hang out with my friends, and youth group trips are a great way to do that.And the youth nights at our ministry center are so much fun!

We have a pretty wacky bunch for our youth group (including me) but what teens aren't? Lots of my friends consider me crazy (in a nice way). But kids in my youth group have done some crazier things that I have. Like this boy Joseph went down a hill in a barrel and got a concussion! Sometimes we play a game called Water Bottle (founded by my friend Abby) where you sit down across from someone else and take a water bottle and shake it up and down spraying yourself and the other player with water.

I like having friends, and the fact that almost every single one of them is strange (in a good way). That's just my youth group. And I like it that way.


Friday, April 27, 2012

a cheat for eXcitment

I'm going to cheat a little bit, and use EX instead of X.. don't tell anybody!

EXcitement come around me a lot.  I get eXcited about things very easily. About things like youth events, my vacation to Florida, my backyard makeover, my birthday in December (I like to think about that sort of thing early, that's how eXcited I get!)  I have a friend and her family is going to Kauai (SWEET!), and I asked her if she was eXcited and she said, "No."  I couldn't believe my ears! She is flying across the country and to an island in the Pacific Ocean that lots of people would give their right arm (figuratively speaking) to go there, and she wasn't even eXcited! If it was me, I would be running around, and running into things!

I have a trip to be eXcited about: in October we are going to Florida! And we are going to stay at my friend Elanore's house for six days! And we are going to go to the beach and Lego Land, and then we are going to go to Disney World for five days! I haven't been to Disney since I was six!

And vacation bible school is something I'm eXcited about! VBS has always been the highlight of my summer, besides camping trips and my BFF's birthday! I love the summer!

I can get eXcited about almost any thing, and that's just my personality.  


Thursday, April 26, 2012

writer writing

Writing is my life! I wouldn't know what to do if so much of my time wasn't taken up writing blog posts, critique club assignments, or writing in my book. I love to write and write and write some more.

I have written a lot. Like my "I Am Chocolate" essay. "My Wacky Diary" that gave all my Friends a laugh, and that made me happy. I wrote a fan fiction based on the 39 clues (my favorite book series!) and I am writing a novel.

I love to write. I met this Christian author who has published, well lets say a lot of books! She gave a writing talk, and she talked about self publishing, and traditional publishing. And she talked about how she became a writer, and grammar. Although I was a little disappointed that you don't get to decide what you cover looks like, she said that you really have to go along with what they give give you.=(

Here is the fist entry in My Wacky Diary. This character is not me. But is based off of me. If anybody knows me personally this is kind of what I am like. If you like it or have something to say about it please comment.

March, something or other, 2012

Dear Diary, today I walked in to a wall. So really not anything new. How did I walk in to a wall? It moved! Plus I slipped on a banana, tripped over a bucket of soapy water, and accidentally flipped off the lights, and walked down the hall all at once (BAD.IDEA!) Also I have a lump on my head that is two feet tall. How did I get that? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? I’ll tell you any way, after I flipped off the lights, I fell into some toilet paper (unused thank God!) and my brother thought I was an alien. So he kept hitting me with a baseball bat saying:

“Kill it! Kill it! kill it!”
“KILL it kill it! kill it!”
“KILL it, kill it!”

Despite all this happening, I still managed to live. After I told my brother that it was me, he laughed so hard he threw up on my NEW! Shoes!

PS. Bad day if you didn’t notice!

PPS. Rubber ducks aren’t a good snack choice. Don’t ask!

This is just the fist entry in My Wacky Diary. I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog posts!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


ME Victoria

I was born in South Carolina on December 13, 1999. My family moved to Maryland when I was two, and we lived in my grandparents' basement (which is like an apartment).  I’m not sure how old I was when we rented the house we now own. I have lived in the same house for more than seven years of my life, and have lived in Maryland for as long as I can remember. And my parents talk of moving somewhere far away like Texas, New Jersey, West Virginia. But I would not live if I had to move! I have built up seven years worth of friends and all my family lives here. My mom and Dad are ready to pick up and move. They don’t seem to mind what they are leaving behind, but I do. I don’t want new friends I want the ones I have. God has blessed me with many, many friends and I don’t want to leave them behind. There are things I would miss too - like our library, our church (where a lot of my friends are), VBS (Vacation bible school), my youth events, my co-op. I am completely content with what I have, and I’m not ready to get rid of it just yet.

But I lead a very interesting life. My dad is the funniest person I know, and mom is funny too. It’s where I get my sense of humor. I have quite a personality, my nick name at my co-op is Mrs. Volume! Ha, ha. And I’ve had a career of being a drama queen most of my life. When I’m around my friends I am energetic and weird…come to think of it I’m like that all the time.

I’m learning how to play the piano, and I’m a good actor (that is what other people have told me), and an okay singer (that also is what other people have told me). I love ice cream, and I am obsessed with the show I Love Lucy. I currently have 39,000 words on the book I am writing. And I love to hang out with friends and go on youth group trips. My favorite movie with real people in it is Pirates of the Caribbean. And my favorite cartoon type of movie is Despicable Me. I am meeting manager in my critique club, and I have had a slumber party for my birthday almost three years in a row.  And I do NOT like Justin Bieber!

You know, if there was such a thing as luck, I would have it! I’ve never broken a bone or sprained anything ever in my life! I haven't gotten a stomach bug or the flu in years, and I think it’s because both God and my mom and dad are looking out for me. 

God has been a big part of my life. I am being raised Christian, so I’ve tried to keep my focus on God. And make him a part of my writing, my thinking, and my life.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unlikley Useless

Ten things unlikely to happen:

1.The sky will fall (well Chicken Little probably wouldn't think that)

2.People turning pink                                                                        

3.Grass turning blue

4.Trees turning purple (see a Doctor Seuss pattern?)

5.People flying (this does not include usage of planes or doh-doh birds)

6.Me calming down

7.All animals speaking English

8. Goldfish flying

9. Turtles flying

10. Anyone really going to Never Land

Here are 5 Useless facts. Enjoy filling your brain! 

1.The tip of you shoe lace is called a aglet. 

2.Cat urine glows under a black light.  3.Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie.

4.An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.  5.Most elephants weigh less than a blue whale's tongue!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Alien Teen!

Being a teen is crazy! I've heard people talk about teens being aliens. And I'm fine with that. I guess we do tent to act like aliens.Especially girls. We have overwhelming feelings and moods. And it can seem weird to other people(although I've been considered wierd most of my life, ha, ha - but that's really just my personality).

But teen life can be fun. You get cool privileges, like being allowed to stay up late, or go on youth trips, maybe a little bit more freedom in what you eat. Sometimes I wish I wasn't growing up, and then other times I'm fine with it. It's just a mater of what's going on with you. Sometimes I wish all these feeling would just go away, they seem so complicated. But since I know they can't go away then there is really nothing I can do except pray.I'm just learning to deal with them,and trying to deal with them in the right way.

Teens seem to act weird, and I say most of the teen population IS crazy! But I mean that as a compliment.  I love being who I am and, for now, who I am is crazy! Teen life can be hard but it can be fun too. It's just your choice how to handle it.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I need Sleep!

I will just warn you, this will be short. I am tired! Speaking of sleep... that word used to seem like a punishment. Now it's something that I look foward to. But nowadays I feel like I'm tired all the time! But my mom said it's just because I'm growing up. Man if I am going to feel like this much longer, I'll think about growing down!

Sleep is very important in a teen girl's life, because of growth. And most of the time I go to bed at 10:00 pm and get up at about 8:00 or 9:00 am, so I'm getting what should be enough sleep. But apparently not!


Friday, April 20, 2012


A new draw to romance is something that affects a lot of teen girls. You start to see boys in a different way. And that is just part of growing up. But sometimes girls let that kind of thing take control of their life. I have a friend who only talks about is boys, kissing, and dating. And it makes me realize how much different my thinking is from hers. She was at my slumber party this past year, she asked one of my home-schooled friends who the first boy she ever kissed was! I later apologized to my friend because my friend is a Christian (like me) and doesn’t even think about romance much. I’m glad I’ not obsessed with the whole romance thing.

Liking a boy is just something that happens to every girl (well, most). At one point or another for some people, like me, you like someone early. And for others it’s just something that goes on when you’re an adult. And you have to think what’s the point of dating? I think it's to look for a husband. But I’ve met kids who are probably as young as six and are talking about their boyfriends. What’s the point of having a boyfriend when you're six?

Being a Christian, I try and keep God first.  Then family. And then things like friends and relationships come next. There is a boy at my church that I like, and have liked for more than a year now! Longer than I ever liked any one. But I have to remember to focus on God. 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet is something every teen needs. A chance to be alone, to calm down and do whatever. Read, write, write in a journal or diary, draw, doodle, rest, or just think. I live in the city, so I don't have many places to go when I want to be alone. One place I like to go for some quiet is the tree swing in our backyard. Somehow the soft motions seem to be soothing to me. And my neighborhood in the middle of a weekday is very quiet. I love to just sit out there and think, and watch birds fly, and rabbits chase each other around. The swing in my backyard is where I feel closest to God. I can feel like I'm talking right to Him, and that is a wonderful feeling.

Also, almost every night before I go to bed I write in a feelings journal. I kept probably three diaries, but then I kept forgetting to write in them. One was a  physical diary, then I had one on my computer, and one on my phone. Now I'm keeping a feelings journal instead, and it just makes me feel peaceful to write in a journal when all is quiet.

Sometimes I just need to be alone, because I just get overwhelmed and need to get away from it all. My brother and I fight a lot. And sometimes I just can't handle it anymore, sometimes I've just had it with him! So I cool off in my quiet spot in the back yard. I wonder what it would be like to have a bigger back yard that I could just lose myself in, so that I was truly alone. Everyone should have her own special place to go and hide when they are feeling sad or depressed, or just want to be alone. There are times in teen life that I will probably feel all of that, but it makes me feel better to know I have my swing, and God.   


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love my parents!

I know that some teens don't have good relationships with their parents. But I wouldn't say that about me though. I love my parents. Sometimes they think they are bad parents. But they're not! My dad thinks he is a bad parent because he has to work out of town, and he doesn't get to spend much time with us. But he's not! He's actually a good dad for doing all that stuff! Because he is doing it because he loves me. And it makes me happy to know that he will work seven days a week for months, because he loves me.And I love him, and I will never stop loving him.

And my mom had a brain tumor, so the medication makes her tired a lot, often landing me with the job of making dinner. But I really don't mind...well sometimes I get upset about it, but then I tell myself mom can't help being tired. And it's fine. I love her, and seek out her advice on a lot of things. And I get good answers. Mom is the one I seek out when have a question about growing up, because she was once a teen girl too, just like me. And I love my mom.Very much.

Sometimes I think about what would happen if something ever happened to them. And it makes me cry every time I do. I would miss dad saying " there's a booger in the sugar, no it's snot." And my mom helping me when I have a problem, and their hugs, mom watching movies late at night, and helping me with my school. And the way dad would always say "mom!" when he went in their room when she was changing and she would freak out for a second. And the way they both laugh.....If something happened to my parents, I just wouldn't want to live any more!

And I look around my room and see all the wonderful things they have given me. My snake, my cool 31 bag, all my cloths, my bed, desk, books, an iTouch, a phone, the computer I am writing this on. And practically every thing I own! And I see it all, and I know I am loved. And I thank God for the parents and their love, with all my heart. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ourselves behind bars.

Sometimes in life we forget to be ourselves. Sometimes I act different in front of my teenage friends than I do at home. And I wonder, why? Maybe to impress them? But God said he made us the way we are. We can't lock our real personalities behind bars, and walk with a different one. God made us who we are. And if your friends won't like the real you, than they are not friends. Real friends will accept you for who you are.     

Psalms 139: 14-16
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

I know that taking that personality that has been locked up inside you out for all to see isn't easy. In fact, I still haven't mastered how to do it!

We just have to ask God to help us through that. But I thought that the fake me that I show my friends is so much cooler than I feel. But being you is the best person you could ever be because it's who God wanted you to be. It's who God created you to be. And if your aren't confident about yourself that can be hard. But that is what God is there for, to help us through the good times, and bad. God wants us to be who we really are. So why don't we try and be who we are?


Monday, April 16, 2012

Times of nine

I remember the day when I was nine. I didn't know that every step I took brought me one more step closer to a different life. When I turned ten my whole life seemed to turn upside down, and spin around. Things changed, things happened. My dad started going on jobs out of town. But I still remember the care free days of my ninth year. Playing in the back yard. Getting dirty and not caring. Not having to deal with things and feelings, responsibilities, and changes. That came with the year of ten. But nine is the last step before you start a whole new chapter.

I remember at church we used to have wars, boys against girls, and I was leader of the girl's team. I remember my Strawberry Short Cake birthday party. The idea of being in fourth grade.And the simple little things like my dad being able to pick me up and spin me around.......and hold me on his lap.And him being home. I remember the toys scattered about my room, the princess bed spread, Kid's meals from McDonald's, Littlest Pet Shop, and needing to use stools. And all the wonders and care-free things of younger life. Sometimes I miss the days that I didn't have to worry about a lot of the things I have to worry about now. Growing up, the feelings I get, and just the challenges in life. When I turned ten, I saw a it as me standing in the middle of a road. Behind me was paved and smooth and every thing known. But ahead of me was a rough, unpaved rocky road, full of unknown things. But God took my hand and I left nine and started ten and a whole different journey.But I will always remember those happy family days. And I will always look forward to the ones ahead.   


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Modesty is the best Policy

Modesty is something that is very important. God even talks about it in the bible. We are suppose to keep our bodies to ourselves, not to share them with the world like the women on magazines. Those women sell their bodies. And that is not pleasing to God.   

I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling; likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.  

Places like Justice have things like bikinis, which are a no, no. They are meant to show off your body. And that does NOT please God! Your body is yours. The only people you should be showing your body to are your mom (or a woman guardian), or a doctor. And, when you are married, your husband. That is it! Kaput, end of story! My heart hurts and I shake my head when I pass by a  magazine with a half dressed woman on it. My  brother has to shield his eyes every way he looks, and he almost runs into stuff!

I look at what women do to themselves, and I think what is this world coming to? When I look at those magazines, I want to tell each woman, on each one, how much they are displeasing God, and how they can change. And they probably wouldn't care. They don't think it's a big deal. But of course I can't, I don't know a single one of them.

But I did hear a wonderful story, that just made me feel great. A model for Victoria's Secret (has nothing to do with me!) had a become a new Christian, and her employers wanted to her to model some of the things they have there, and she said no! And quit! I felt so happy when I heard that story. It's just so uplifting. God works in wonderful ways! 

 This is just a rule my parents made, that I'm not allowed to wear bikinis. And I'm not saying that if you are a Christian and wear bikinis, that you're going to go to hell. NO! I'm not saying that at all, just maybe think about whether you think God really wants you wearing them. But, all and all, Modesty is the best policy! =)





Friday, April 13, 2012

I love lucy

I love Lucy is my absolute favorite show ever! The best thing about it is Lucy - the crazy plots, the gleam that she gets in her eye when she gets an idea, and the way she tries to soften Ricky up when she wants something. And Lucy is the only one in the world who can get herself locked in a suitcase! Or shut herself in a  freezer. She has dressed up as a movie star to fool her friend Carolin,. And tried to babysit two impossible twins. And tried to go to charm school. And in Japan, she bust  in on Bob Cummings when he was taking a bath.Oh! And the time that Ricky gave her five hundred dollars to spend on furniture, and she spent over three thousand! Or the time she...well the list goes on and on and on, and on, and on, and on. Everything she does is hysterical! But one of my favorite is the Job Switch. Watch this video and you will see why.

I love this one so much! But that's only a little bit of it. My family and I have enjoyed all nine seasons of Lucy's plots, scams, mistakes, ideas, and hilarious dialogue. But really it's the whole cast -Ethel Mertz, Fred Mertz, Ricky Ricardo, Lucy Ricardo! Although relationships between the actors in real life weren't as good as they seemed in the show... but I won't ruin your imagination. I love Lucy is the funniest show! You should watch them for yourself - you'll probably love it just as much as I do!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

cute kitten

Kittens are the most adorable things ever!They are so lovable and cuddly. And they are soft and fuzzy.And for some reason when there warm little body curl up next to you, you feel calm, or if you were sad they are comforting. Kitten are cut and energetic, and most of them love to play.
I loved the kitten I had, but he was ornery and destructive and some times nice. But I  loved him any way, he was my little baby and I had to give him back. He was more my cat than anyone else is. My heart hurt more than it had ever hurt before when we gave him back. But latter I realized it was for the best.

Kitten are little balls of fury fun and love, kittens play 30% of the day Get in to trouble 15% and 10% eating and 45% sleeping, cat's and kittens love to sleep. And unlike dogs, who want to please there master. Cats couldn't care less. They just like to sleep, and sleep. And sleep some more. I guess it's just there born hobby.Plus cat's like to wonder around at night. I remember when I would have my hand hanging over the side of the bed, and my cat would ponce on them and make me jump. I loved playing with him. I loved him. And that's why it hurt so much to give him back, but God is helping me get through and see that it will all work out.

Kittens are a comforting companion, and fun to watch. Fun to play with. Sleep with. Cuddle with.
But the thing I love the most about kittens(or cats) is they are so comforting. They make me feel better when I'm sad. Peaceful when I was mad, calm when I am nervous. All and all cat's just make me feel a lot better, and I hope I have another one someday.