Monday, March 26, 2012

Just the Beginning


That’s the first word I think of when turning twelve. Life is gradually going crazy. Things happen. I find emotions I never thought I had, for people, and just in life. Things make me cry much easier and it is embarrassing but my mom said it's because I am almost a teenager. I still think over those words (when I’m not going crazy).


She's right. I notice things in my life that change dramatically, I had feelings for certain people in my case, or a certain person. I didn’t understand, why was I having these feelings? Why were things changing? The answer came clear to me: I am on the road from a girl and I am going to stop at being a women. I have already started on that road. A certain person (a boy) had distracted me from God and I needed to get it under control. I knew all my focus should be on God, but somehow that person had (not meaning to) drawn my attention from Him.

So I decided I would sit in church service instead of going to my middle school class. And, I found it easier to learn without distraction. It was strange because the boy was there, and him being there should have distracted me, right?


In the service I can pay more attention to God. I couldn’t explain why if you asked, but somehow I could focus...

Teen age life is like a messy filing cabinet... you have to sort through it, and try and organize your life files for feelings, emotions, changes, and, most important, God.

I know this is just the beginning...



Mary Palkovic said...

Wow Victoria! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are a great writer and a beautiful person (inside and out).

Rebecca said...

It's funny to me to think about you as a baby when every time I see you now you are so grown up and seem to change between each visit. But in my mind, you will always be my little baby niece Victoria- my first niece, the one I helped to learn how to walk, the one my high school boyfriend taught how to spit! (he was your first boy "distraction", you really liked him! Haha). I'm sure your wise mama has already explained to you that boys will become quite the distraction as you get older but if you remember to keep your focus on God, He will keep you grounded and on His path for your life. Love your post! Keep writing!

Cristal said...

Great writers run in your family after all.....
Thanks for sharing you life with us. You will be an awesome woman of God soon and have many amazing things to share about the journey!


Anna-Rae said...

Hey this is me, Anna-Rae from the club, really cool blog! Teen hmmmmmmm messy cabinet indeed never know what you’re going to find lol

You have a year, I have two months :d :P

I may be be checking frequently because I have WAY too much time on my hands (not) but anyway, really cool! I want one lol

yammi and pippa said...

Our dear Victoria, you are both the product of your genes and also a unique creation. You write beautifully. Even at your "young" age, your thinking is very profound. Please keep it up!!

We love you.

Yammi and Pippa

Janine said...

You are so right, Victoria! God first...always...especially in times of confusion. Thank you for the reminder. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

Rebekah said...

I know how it is to feel confused. But there is almost never a reason not to like someone. Unless, of course, it messes with your relationship with God.