Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apple trees

Apple trees seem to be the main income in the little town of Gore VA. And though I have not personally seen these apple trees in bloom I know they are going to be magnificent. 

Standing on top of a hill near here you look down and see miles of apple trees, unique houses dotting the land. Even now when the trees are bare and they are just the frames that will one day produce beauty and  fruit, they look magnificent marching in their neat rows over hilltop after hill top. I’ve seen them in their summer green, their fall harvest, and winter skeleton. 
I am waiting for their spring bloom! I’m really hoping they bloom soon. If they do I’ll post pictures.

Apple Tree Market

When I moved here I knew I would encounter little hole in the wall grocery stores and convenience stores and have to get used to the rough edges of the country. But, there is a place less than 20 miles from my house that is one of the coolest, well kept, wonderful little store/ common market type place I’ve been. City or country! 

This local family run business is one of the best out there
They have fresh local produce, freshly baked pies and breads, trickling springs ice cream, meat, eggs, milk, honey, locally made art and decor, and a whole lot more!
 The little store had a big impact on this city girl. I loved it right from the start and was always trying to make excuses to go there and get something yummy. And after the seemingly long off season for the store they are open again! 

If you live anywhere near Gore Va or are going to be passing by on a trip you NEED to stop here! I highly recommend them. It is great place that will impress you! 

So click this link to see their Facebook page =)


Janine said...

I love the imagery you've painted here...apple trees "marching in their neat rows over hilltop after hill top." Maybe they'll bloom in time to write about them for F... flowers!

faces5678 said...

Ditto Janine :-) I had a beautiful picture in my mind while reading of the apple trees. Well done!

betty said...

I bet when they blossom, those trees will be gorgeous! We have a small town about 60 miles from us also known for their apples with little stores like you featured here; always fun to explore!


Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Ooh! I would love to bite into one of those juicy apples!
I'm visiting from A to Z Challenge. You have a colorful blog and I love your fancy A letter. Great script!

Wendy said...

I'm a Virginian too, but I had to check a map for Gore. Now, Winchester I know!
Visiting from A to Z ~