Thursday, April 3, 2014

Co Co

Today my subject was chickens, and now my subject is Co Co.
The little fuzzy foot rooster was our favorite. He was so cute, the way he tried to crow in the morning with a little voice that almost squeaked.
After dinner I went to try on the new dress I got today and show it to my dad.
When I came out after hearing crying from my brother Co co was dead. Dead, an never coming back.
My dog had got him. He was done for quickly
and and anything but pleasantly.
One other of our minis is missing and we have reason to believe my dog might have gotten it too. We won't know until night fall, but we have searched high and low for it. They usually stay with the others. please pray for us.



betty said...

oh poor Co Co; I'm thinking the chickens are going to have to be kept away from where the dog can get them :(


Lisa said...

Oh man, hope the other one is just hiding somewhere! I agree with Betty - they need to be kept in a safer place! Coco was adorable!

Christine said...

Lisa, our chickens are free range, and with free range comes risk. All our other chickens stayed away from the dog yard, and we checked the dog yard very well before we let my dog out. We are still not sure why the chicks wandered in there while my dog was out, but they did.

Victoria (not Christine)