Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thought it as a teen

Hello! Long time since I posted here, but I decided to start a new blog of my own with my own account. I would love it if you would go check it out. :) 

I started this blog to write about the teenage view of Christian and daily issues with love, friends, school etc. And for teens like me to be able to share their own stories through. 
Thanks for fallowing Growing Up Victoria, but now I will be more focused on the other blog for now. 
So come see me over there. 


Sunday, September 7, 2014


Yep. That's me. Victoria, the sophomore. Seems a little crazy that I am in high school, much less my second year of high school! Last year I started high school a month after my family and I moved so there wasn't much extra time to ponder the thought of being in high school, advancing to such a high level of school,  what it would be like, or really anything.

My parents are still homeschooling me for high school which I am greatly thankful for. I think it would be extremely hard for me to start public school after being homeschooled for so long, much less public high school!
 This year I am going to a co-op called SAIL. A lot of kids in my new youth group are going(or have gone) there. I think I am going to really like it, I loved the extended session of Biology I went to about two weeks ago. I am taking a self defense class, a two hour Biology class, and in the spring semester I am going to take a cooking class.

I thought high school would be hard and scary. But I actually like it, and what's worth doing that doesn't require hard work?
I try and give my school work my best(I like school.....most of the time), I slacked off towards the end of my freshman year because I was so done with school, I just wanted it to be summer. I had a really big work load, and I was a bit overwhelmed. But it shouldn't be like that this year.

High school prompts the thought of where you want to be when you're older, who you want to become, what you want to accomplish. Those thoughts scared me at first, but when I really thought about it, I do know what I wanted to do, and I think God wants me to do it too.
I want to be an author. I used to tell people I wanted to be a writer. It took me a long time to realize I am a writer and I will always be. Becoming an author is my goal in life. One of them anyway.

I am excited to be starting my first day of 10th grade tomorrow!
So this is me, saying hello to all my readers, I'm back to blogging. I hope you'll read more,
I am hoping to post 2 or 3 blog posts a week. We'll see how that goes.

Victoria ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I didn't quit.

I know I missed a few days of posting. I know I posted my Z post one day late. . .but I didn't quit.
I kept going even though it was hard with all the other stuff I do.

So i'm going to say I am a April Blog Challenge survivor for 2014.

The way I see it you don't fail unless you quit or don't do your best. I did my best. And I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts this April. . .more will fallow.

Which post was your favorite from this past April? Comment and tell me. I love to hear from people. =)

Thanks for reading, and congrats to all my fellow a-z bloggers!

Victoria. . .


Over the last couple months you could say God zapped me with a few reason of why he wanted me to move. The simplest one being "I want you to be here."

God zaps truth, reason, or responsibility in to all of us at some point. He zaps us with truth, hope, life, and love.

You and I will never always know God's plan, the reason for it, and the result of it.
Trust. You have to trust that God zaps you when he needs you to be zapped.

You have to believe the truth and wonder behind God's plans.

He is God, and he has a plan to zap in to you =)

Thanks for reading.

Victoria. . .

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Youth group (new)

For seven long months I struggled with no local friends. The closest close friend was an hour from my new home. Through those months I kept asking God why things were the way they were, why didn't I have any local friends? why was he keeping that from me? Was there a reason?

The fist few months we travels to our old church every other week, but gradually I began to realize important friends had left and the others didn't notice me anymore. . they had gone on without me. And I still hadn't gone on without them, that hurt more than not having any friends at all!

So after we stopped going to our old church and found a new one I desperately tried to get into to the youth events there, but I seemed to miss my chance every time I tried.

A little under a month ago my mom contacted the youth pastor at our new to church to get any info she could about them, things I could get involved in and go to etc.
yes it's blurry =)
I'm the one in the white sweater.

Well God had answered my prayer, that Friday I went to one of the best youth events ever!
As you can imagine I was nervous beyond belief when I got there, but I talked to really nice small group leader, and as I was talking to her a guy came up and asked me if I had said I used to live in Frederick MD, turns out he lived there too and now lives only a few miles from my house on five acres also, we had a lot of things in common due to the fact that we were both homeschooled and lived in the same city and state, we talked for awhile and then the lady I talked to when I first go there introduced me to her small group. I really hit it off with them and enjoyed a really great night with teens around my own age.

Looking at it now I think God wanted me to meet those people at that time. That night was a blessing for me.

 Thanks to all who made me feel welcome, I really felt like part of your group that night! It was so fun!

Victoria. . .


In the course of seven months I have adjusted to my new life, my new view of things that used to be important.

I see things differently than I did before. The small things I though were important aren't  important anymore. A lot of my hopes, dreams, and feelings stayed the same because I am still the same person I was, just a little different. But I figured out change changes you, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot! 

In my X-life I lived in the city, went places, did stuff, saw people at really fast pace. For some reason it seemed you always had to move fast. Now I don't ;)

There are things and people I miss A LOT from my X-life, but those people will NEVER be X-friends because I moved. A good friendship lasts forever, and as for X-things. . .you move on or find them where you are.

So tip for anyone facing change: The sooner you loosen your grip on the things(not the people, keep them) of your X-life the sooner you will connect with your current life and it's promises =)

And always fallow where God leads.

Victoria. . .


Saturday, April 26, 2014


Now that I live within a few hundred yards of my own  little forest I have discovered how much fun woods can be to explore and hunt through.

Woods are kind of magical, if you stand deep enough in to the woods you can't see anything but trees, all you hear is the sounds of of nature and the occasional scuffle that scares you out of your wits!
It seems so much drama can be born in woods, books and movies are examples.

I find woods fun to hike through and picture large tree houses or a wooded scene from a book I

have read. Or make up a story of my own and let it wander through the woods. I just watch it. This may seem weird, but again I am a writer =)

Woods are relaxing and peaceful. We have a little stream in our woods, and if you listen you can hear the quiet gurgling of the fresh water going over a tiny version of a waterfall.

I love my woods =)
(short and sweet, did you notice?)

Victoria. . .