Monday, February 25, 2013

The Weekly Life

It use to be my parents would only talk about moving not at all, then rarely, then more often, and now we might be moving! Temporally. Soon!!! I hate the idea of moving even if it’s only for a year! I just keep thinking about all my friends, family, youth group evens, VBS drama, my co-op, my friend Abby's going away party, I could make a list of thing people and event’s that I would miss so much.

 I mean the best part of summer is VBS, getting ready for it, putting up the decorations, and I love doing the drama every year (I am a very dramatic person who loves preforming) So why wouldn’t I love to hang out with friends while rehearsing for a drama play for the best event of the summer!

And what about my family? I have 22 cousins all under 12 years old and I am very close to most of them I have a four year old cousin named Rose and a two year old cousin names Eleanor and they love it when I baby sit them, and we play dress up and princesses and let them play games on my iPhone (dress up may not seem like a lot but when Rose is involved she gets vary detailed) And my cousin Angel she is seven I think, I’m so bad at remembering all their ages! And we love to hang out and do are nails and talk about girly stuff. And Adam, he is five years old a smart little kid with curly hair and the cutest glasses he and I always have fun when I babysit him, we have are own baby sitting show we make on my computer, and we watch movies and play games on my iPhone (all my cousins love to play on my iPhone) These of my cousins feel like sibling to me and I would miss them so much! =( 

And I have so many friends that I would miss seeing, and BFF that I would be crushed if I had to leave her, and a guy I really like that I would be afraid would be over me when I got back and...and...Ugh! The list keep’s going and going.

But the other side of it is that my dad works ten hours a day seven days a week! Yeah, you heard me seven days a week! And where we would be moving would allow him to only work six, witch would be grate. And I have been trying not to admit that there is a part of my heart that want’s to go see the world, go to Minnesota and have a blast in all the snow (Minnesota is where they are thinking about) and I have never had a hard time with making new friends.

But every time mom or dad talk about it I cry and get mad. But then mom pointed out to me dad is the one who has to work ten hours a day seven day’s a week and he should be able to have a say in where he work’s. And she’s right. 

My heart is torn in two. One part wants to explore the unknown (I am very curious) And even can get existed about the idea until I start to think about all the things I would be missing here and that's the second part. And then I cry!

But a wise friend told me that “I know how you feel, but God has a plan for you and know matter how much you may not like it God has a path he want’s you to take. So trust in him.”  she said something like that. Anyway this post probably could go on and on but I just needed to get some feeling out. And for any one who knows me personally, do not get upset, I have no idea if the possibility of me moving is high or low, and I tend to be very dramatic when I get up set, so family and friends don’t freak out =)

PS. “The weekly life” is a blog post that I will posting every Monday, you know to tell my followers about the little or big things going on in my life so enjoy! 

PPS. once more I apologize if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, I checked it but i'm not perfect with that stuff yet. (; 



A-Z blog challange Theme announcement

As you may have noticed by the badge on my blog wall, I am particapating in the A-Z blog challenge. Last year I didn't really have a theme, but this year I decided I would have a one and the theme is :

Teen girl life and fun!

You know, thing's like BFF's, shopping, youth group, cloths, romance, church and other thing's
like that. It's going to be so much fun! So stick around, the A-Z blog challenge starts April 1!

But I will have other blog post between now and then =)


Friday, February 15, 2013

In to the storm of 13

13, a mystical number. A start of an age that comes with responsibility, fashion sense, boys and and want for freedom.

This is my time. I turned 13 about two months ago. I have already noticed changes. I was never really interested in listening to
 music before and now I’m listening to it a lot! Being able to talk about it with friends, and finding cool new songs to inspire in the things I do.

Nothing new about my ever growing affection for that boy. Like any other girls, Christan or not, crushes come quite a lot.

Some Girls have a list of crushes, some go through crushes once a month or faster! But I am a little different, I've had a crush on that boy for two- three years I have no idea! Ha, ha.W
ith it’s so called Romantic roller coaster ride between us. Pretty much all my friends know that I like him. He even knows I like him! And he told me that he likes me too! And I am so glad that my deep affection is for a Christian, who really cares about me. 

Friendship is important. But every friendship has its good times and bad, and I'll just say me and my BFF may be having a some problems here and there but I 
know through the thick and the thin we will always be best friends. =)

 I know heading in to the storm that a Christan  teenage life is going to be hard. Temptations will threaten, normal things that most teenagers do: reading gossip magazines, listening to whatever want and dating at 13, and other ridiculous stuff like that will threaten my Christian walk. But I have to be strong and fight against what is wrong and follow the Lord and try and be the teenager that my parents and God want me to be. 

PS. Sorry if there are mistakes in grammar and spelling I did my best to check it  but I'm not a pro yet (;


I am sorry

I am soooooooo sorry to all my followers. I am sorry I have't written on here in so long. And now I am
going to start and really wright a couple of blog posts a week! I have a lot to say and i'm going to say it on here. So come back! ha, ha

Victoria  =)

an unique american teenage Girl!