Friday, February 15, 2013

In to the storm of 13

13, a mystical number. A start of an age that comes with responsibility, fashion sense, boys and and want for freedom.

This is my time. I turned 13 about two months ago. I have already noticed changes. I was never really interested in listening to
 music before and now I’m listening to it a lot! Being able to talk about it with friends, and finding cool new songs to inspire in the things I do.

Nothing new about my ever growing affection for that boy. Like any other girls, Christan or not, crushes come quite a lot.

Some Girls have a list of crushes, some go through crushes once a month or faster! But I am a little different, I've had a crush on that boy for two- three years I have no idea! Ha, ha.W
ith it’s so called Romantic roller coaster ride between us. Pretty much all my friends know that I like him. He even knows I like him! And he told me that he likes me too! And I am so glad that my deep affection is for a Christian, who really cares about me. 

Friendship is important. But every friendship has its good times and bad, and I'll just say me and my BFF may be having a some problems here and there but I 
know through the thick and the thin we will always be best friends. =)

 I know heading in to the storm that a Christan  teenage life is going to be hard. Temptations will threaten, normal things that most teenagers do: reading gossip magazines, listening to whatever want and dating at 13, and other ridiculous stuff like that will threaten my Christian walk. But I have to be strong and fight against what is wrong and follow the Lord and try and be the teenager that my parents and God want me to be. 

PS. Sorry if there are mistakes in grammar and spelling I did my best to check it  but I'm not a pro yet (;


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