Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Buzzy Bees

Yes my family is determined to be as self reliant as possible! 
We have Chickens, a garden in progress, baby fruit trees, and Bees! 
Well...we don’t have them yet. They are due to arrive, all 24,000 of them, on Saturday April 5. Yep this Saturday my home takes one more step to self reliance. 
And amazingly it’s only been 7 1/2 months! 

To tell the truth I’m a little scared of Bees, but I know that if I don’t mess with them they won’t mess with me. 
And with the scary disappearance of most of the honey bees it almost seems like an obligation, if you have the land for it, to help pollinate.

To anyone who is unaware of our daunting lack of honey bees you should watch this movie. 

The Vanishing of the Bees

And even if you DO know about the disappearing of the bees you should still watch this. It bring the seriousness of this situation in to better light.
Sadly since I have no bees yet I can not write about the personal experience of having bees, what it sounds like, what it looks like etc...

But I am looking forward to golden honey right from our own beehives! There’s nothing better than your own honey( if your raising the bees right) 
I know it is going to be weird and different having bees. Listening to their buzz and see them flying all around. I do know that soon we wont have to buy gallons of honey from Costco (my family eats a lot of honey)! 

God made bees for a very important job so let’s thank Him for them!



betty said...

How exciting to get into the bee business! I have to agree with you about being a bit scared about them, but glad that there are knowledgeable people out there that can help answer any questions your family might need when they get started in this new endeavor!


Jo said...

Love the bee story. Wish I had land, I would do the same. Make sure no-one bumps the hive like when mowing. Can cause problems apparently.

I am from the A to Z team.


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

You are so very right! Bees are so important. Without them the world could literally starve.

Jen K said...

This is so cool! I take bee pollen every day. I need to look into fresh local honey.

Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago, I cut an article in a journal talking about the drastic low number of bees that scientifics observed that spring. The bees were starving because of the savage culture of honey. I put it on my refrigerator and I talk about how bees is indispensable to our survival... People are starting to listen.
You explain it so beautifully :)

With great respect! A.