Monday, April 14, 2014


Land. An investment that usually spans a great distance. It could be woods, fields, valleys, or hills.
Land is a wonderful thing.It's something that allows you to broaden what you do with your space and time.

The possibilities of stretching landscapes are endless. Plant a garden, build things, do stuff.
The fun you can have running over grassy hills or leaping through wooded slopes goes on forever.

I love ridding my ridding my bike down our hilly yard, hanging out in the woods, climbing trees, and running until I'm out of breath. These are some of the things I enjoy most on my land. I did climb trees when I lived in MD, but my roof was the only view I had.

There is something about taking a look around you and and the land you see(most of it anyway) is mine. That hill is mine, those woods are mine. It must have been really daunting when God showed Abraham all the land he could see and said it was his.

Land is a gift. And for some, a privilege. This is short and sweet because I am VERY tired.

Land is fun, useful, and like I said before, a gift.

Victoria. . .

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