Thursday, April 10, 2014


All the days that I wanted life to rewind, all those times I wanted to turn and run, all those hours I spent questioning. Why? Because I wanted. Two words. I. Wanted. 
The self centered two words that I let rule those days when I wanted the way thing used to be, to be the way things are. 

But all that time I wished and hoped that things would stay the same, deep down I knew that it was Impossible. It was impossible for my life not to change, for some of my friends to step out of my life and others in, it was impossible for me not to change.
Normal is a word made up in peoples head as the definition for what is comfortable to them. What they like, what they want, who they want to be. 
There is no such thing as Normal with God. Or at least that’s what I feel like he’s is showing me. 
God let me be in my comfort zone for a while, then he needed me somewhere else. Here. As much as I tried to ignore it, this was where I needed to be.

A new track was started, a whole new game began, triggered by God telling me I was moving. It wasn’t something I accepted, not something I liked. 

But God knew I needed to learn that change was good, that he uses change in the best way, and that change would be hard. I also needed to know that God used those hard change to draw me closer to him. 

Some how I feel like this is God writing this and not me. I feel like the pen really. 

So as Impossible as this may seem, the change you and I go through is for a greater purpose. Time and time again it may feel like change is bringing you down, but I think God uses it to try and lift us up.

Yes there are people who I used to hang out with ALOT that I miss. Yes it was(and is) hard, and yes it will get easier. 

Don’t think these words from me, I am merely the messenger who needs to fallow the advice she delivers. 

Victoria.. . .

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