Friday, April 25, 2014


In my new life I struggled 6 months with no local acquaintances much less friends.
Life was dull and boring. I felt like I was always doing the same thing, never anything new.

I was unplugged from teenage social life, and I did not like it. Who would?
I kept on thinking that God had made things the way they were for a reason, and  all I could do was pray and jump when opportunity knocked.

About three weeks ago there was a knock. I answered, and actually made some friends!
The knock was a youth event at our new church!  I got there and talked to a really nice small group leader, I meat a guy who used to be from Frederick MD too, and he also lives only a few miles up the road from me, and I was introduced to a small group and got to hang out with them for the whole youth event. It was the most fun I had in a long time. God truly blessed me that night.

So this is me me telling you I am no longer unplugged. . . I am being plugged in (locally!)

Victoria . . .

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LittleCely said...

Good for you! It can be lonely when you are "unplugged" for a while and it feels great when it's over.

Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

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