Friday, April 4, 2014


City vs. Country

They are completely different life styles with many different kinds of people and places.

1. City is loud - Country is quiet.

2. City life is always go, go ,go - Country life you have time to relax.

3.City life everything is at you doorstep - Country life you have to drive aways to get places.

4. Citys there is more buildings - Country there is more space.

5. City you don't have lots of land - Country you do.

6. City there is not much wildlife - country theirs lots.

And the list goes on. Good things about the country and city, bad things about the country and city.
I've been out here a total of 7 months and I'm already a country girl. maybe I always was. When I lived in the city I never minded getting dirty, I always liked outside, I loved animals, and always just wanted to run, but I was trapped by my small city backyard. I never knew how much I would love it out here until I came.

That's a difference in me that I never thought I would see. Some of us are born to be city people, some are destined to the hills of growing land. Where do you belong? 

God will show you, he showed me.


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