Monday, April 16, 2012

Times of nine

I remember the day when I was nine. I didn't know that every step I took brought me one more step closer to a different life. When I turned ten my whole life seemed to turn upside down, and spin around. Things changed, things happened. My dad started going on jobs out of town. But I still remember the care free days of my ninth year. Playing in the back yard. Getting dirty and not caring. Not having to deal with things and feelings, responsibilities, and changes. That came with the year of ten. But nine is the last step before you start a whole new chapter.

I remember at church we used to have wars, boys against girls, and I was leader of the girl's team. I remember my Strawberry Short Cake birthday party. The idea of being in fourth grade.And the simple little things like my dad being able to pick me up and spin me around.......and hold me on his lap.And him being home. I remember the toys scattered about my room, the princess bed spread, Kid's meals from McDonald's, Littlest Pet Shop, and needing to use stools. And all the wonders and care-free things of younger life. Sometimes I miss the days that I didn't have to worry about a lot of the things I have to worry about now. Growing up, the feelings I get, and just the challenges in life. When I turned ten, I saw a it as me standing in the middle of a road. Behind me was paved and smooth and every thing known. But ahead of me was a rough, unpaved rocky road, full of unknown things. But God took my hand and I left nine and started ten and a whole different journey.But I will always remember those happy family days. And I will always look forward to the ones ahead.   


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