Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inside out

Imagine turning yourself inside out, personality wise. Is there some other person there that you don't know, but she comes out in certain parts of your life? That happens with me. On the outside I'm energetic, dramatic, loud, and funny. But on the inside I'm much more serous. I'm deeper than most people think. That part of me comes out in my writing. The past blog posts may have seemed serous but that's not all of me. It's part of me, but for some reason that part only comes out of hiding when I'm writing things like this, not in my books that I write or anything like that.

 But I didn't really find ME until I was older. I guess I was so crazy when I was young I didn't have a chance to find ME. She stayed an undiscovered part of me, until she thought I was old enough to take her where she needed to go. And I was surprised when I found her. My friend Ellie said she had read my blog and had never heard me talk like that in the seven years we had known each other! That's when I really started to realize not only was my body changing but so was I! Maybe not on the outside, but the girl inside was.

I needed to have a talk with ME. So I took her out to lunch, and asked who I really was. I am energetic, funny, and loud. But Me, she is a whole other story. She is serous, logical, and quiet - unlike the outside me. Such a difference in personalities, but all under the same roof. Wow! But I am glad that God made me with all of my personality. And ME with hers. Me and ME make a great team, and together we work to complete what God has in store.
We are two in one, and together we can do anything.


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