Monday, April 2, 2012

My brother

 My brother drives me NUTS! I know he is a gift from God, but sometimes I don't feel like it, he is nice when he wants to be. And I love him but thing can go all wrong with us. We use to have a good relation ship when we were young, but as we got older we got meaner and meaner to each other. When we fight it wears my mom down, and I feel bad about exhausting her with our fighting. But sometimes I just can’t help it (maybe that’s not true). To me it seams he is nice to everybody but me (this is not always true).

Sometimes I wish we were a whole decade apart.

My friend Rebecca doesn’t understand; she thinks my brother is nice. He is. To her (and to me, sometimes).

We get along…sometimes. And I think most of the time it’s his fault when we start a fight, but my mom always says:

“It takes two to fight.” and I suppose it's my fault, as much as his. But I feels like it's always his fault most of the time.

But sometimes I feel like I can’t help it. Like the other day my brother was insulting my singing voice so much it made want to cry. He would put his hands over his ears and shout, "LA, LA, LA," and when I start to sing he says, “somebody turn off that horrible music." He said that if people heard me sing that they would feel the same way as he did. That's just one example!

But when we do get along we have lots of fun! I guess when we get started fighting it's the worst. =(

Lord help us through this breach in relationship…..and help us to feel like the other really is a gift from you.

And don't forget to check out in the garden. (Christen Myers is my mom)


Angela D. Meyer said...

Victoria, Dropping by on the way to Z from A. Glad to see a young writer join the challenge. Keep writing your stories!

I'm Angela and I am a writer, also. I just signed a contract on my first book!

By the way, it does get better with siblings. Focus on the good stuff. And pray a lot during the tough moments. :-) You two would probably do anything for each other if it came down to it!

I may bring my daughter along next time - she just turned 11.

Blessings to you, Angela D. Meyer

A.D. Duling said...

Hi Victoria,

I did not have a brother, but have three sons and a daughter turning 12 on saturday. You have a wonderful blog here and I have posted yours to A.D.'s Fav 5 for the A to Z Challenge!