Monday, March 11, 2013

The Weekly LIfe was going to happen and I was going to have to face it. Last you heard we were thinking about Minnesota or VA! 

Well I am going to tell you that has changed. Now we are 99% sure we are moving to VA, when is another question. I could be soon or not. 

At first we were just thinking about moving to VA and getting a house on a large piece of land. But then we thought we should get a smaller pice of land and live not really in a neighborhood but close to the city and living in the city we would be some what close to other houses. The plans have been changing left and right we have looked at so many houses that I have lost track of what is what, and what we are going to look at. (oh yeah we are going to look at houses this Thursday)

I have told a lot of my friends the fact that I am moving and they all don’t want me to =) 
But I know I am moving and I just hope that I don’t have to leave my life completely. Some of the houses are as close as 1 hours and 15 minutes but then other can be 1 hour and 45 minutes!

But the excitement of moving out of this house and in to a new one is overwhelming. I have lived in this house and this crummy neighborhood for nine years and I’m ready for the change. 

And guess what! 
My dad works 7 days a week ( you know that) and he wont go to 5 days a week until June. But now there is a very high chance that he could go to 5 days a week in April! O my gosh  I am so happy I really hope he dose that would be the greatest thing ever!

But a sad thing is I was planning a shopping trip with my BFF and another friend and I was really excited about it because I had two gift cards too Justice, and a one for JC penny. But then her mom said she wasn’t going to be able to come. =( I was bummed 

But after church we went to a class that my mom is going to and I had really good time there because all my teenage friends were there (Most of them) and we baby sit the younger kid’s and we had a really fun time on the trampoline, and the play ground they have in there back yard and stuff so yeah that made up for it kind of. ;) 

So yeah there is a update on my life =) 

COMMENT! LOL, comment if you want to.