Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It never realy hits you that your moving until the boxes start piling up around your house. 

This is how it is for me. What I said I would fight till my death to keep from happening is going to happen in the next to weeks! I told my dad that I would never move, and now I dare to say I am excited.

But after living in the same house for ten years and then say "kids were moving!" just doesn't cut it. But when you have lived in the same house for ten years and then they say "kids were moving!" and then you see boxes stacking up all around you, well that's like dropping a bomb on someones head!

Yesterday I spent all afternoon packing boxes in my room, and watching Little House On The Prairie (very fun)

 My friends aren't happy with the meaning of the boxes that keep piling up in are home. But I just told them "it's in God's hands. He has a reason for me moving,and all my friends and family to trust that its for the best."

Besides i'm not moving to mars people!


Monday, May 6, 2013

God's beautiful birds

Birds are wonderful and beautiful things. I think they are one of the most beautiful and amazing creatures there are.

My favorite MD bird is the blue jay. They are so majestic and beautiful, with there bright blue wings and back. The black, white, and all the shades of blue that adorns there body.
When ever I go out in my tinny little back yard to bird watch it is always a treat to see a blue jay (one lives around general area) And some days I even see the blue jay's mate. The two of them flying together. I even recognize the blue jay call, it's sort of squawking alarm call. But I don't know the blue jays song (yes there is a difference between the two)

another bird that is a lot more common to my eyes but still quite beautiful. The Cardinal. The Cardinal is
a beautiful red color, and the female a mix of brown and red.

I just recently took up bird watching (kind of dorky but I like it) you get to see bird in there natural state of life.
Flying, eating, resting, pecking at the ground. And if you go out side and close your eyes you can hear all the defiant birds and there call's and sounds.

I can actually communicate with a bird, I can copy the sound it makes, but what's funny is I don't know what bird it is! I only ever hear it, I never have seen it. And now bird watching is one of my new peaceful hobbies, and with my personality I don't have  many of those =)


Friday, May 3, 2013


Change is not something I am aquatinted with,I don't little changes I want every thing to be the way they were. That's why I think moving is going to be so hard.

I have never ever liked change, I didn't even like when mom and dad decided to change where the Christmas tree was in are house! I threw a fit about it, but you know what? After they did it I loved it.

God can use Change to well...change people for the better. When I move I will make friends (hopefully) that I never would have made if we hadn't moved . Maybe some one I meet will except Christ because I shared it with them, and maybe they will change my life in some way too.

I am starting to listen to people when they tell me God can use Change to change someone for the better. And I know that my family could never stay in MD, are state is falling apart fast, (some of you may know what I mean and some of you may not) and Maryland is up near the lead. This country is changing, but not for the better.

My family needs to live in a deferent state and I know all the reasons and I agree with them. But that doesn't cushion the blow much.

Yes I do get excited about are new house all of are land and the possibilities it holds. But like I said, I have lived in MD almost my whole life, my roots are in deep, and it's going to be painful to pull them up.

But I will fallow the Lords path, because I know whatever he is doing is for the best.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A while back I had a few posts about my parent s thinking about moving, us going to look at houses. Well at the beginning of April we put a offer in on the house. And it got accepted.Yes I now am moving out of the city in the the country a hour and a half away from every thing I have ever known.

I Have spent days crying because I feel like I won't see my friends hardly at all.And there will be other when I am giving myself a pep talk because deep down inside I know we will be coming back every other week to go to are church, I will still be  going to youth events, VBS, and we will come back a lot. My entire family is here almost we couldn't jus t leave them.

It's going to be tough, nothing about moving is going to be easy, not the fiscal or emotional parts of it. It's a new adventure, a change in life, I may not like it at all. But I believe God has put on this adventure, and he will see us through.