Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Magic of Music

Like books, music is a way to get lost, a way to sink in to the world you're hearing, the thoughts of the person singing becomes yours. 

Fast and cool music picks you up off the ground. =)
Slow and or sad music gets you feeling sad. =( 

The best music connects and changes how you feel when you're listening, even awhile after you’ve taken the headphone out. Music can connect with you in more ways than one, lift you out of your world and drop you in another. 

And if you listen carefully music is a story, a statement, a voice for the silent, and a lot of the time way more. 

These days music can be so amazing! 
Music can change you're thinking, make you want to jump, shout, or collapse and cry. Now that is talent!

God has blessed many people with the voice to make music. And God has blessed other people with the music made. Some people use their voice to make music, others, music is their voice. 

And the Christian Gospel music is exploding with great songs for all ages, that praise our God the Lord Jesus Christ! It makes me feel happy that cool music is there for me when I want it, need it, or want to get lost in it. 

Toby Mac, Karrie Roberts, Newsboys, tenth avenue north, Jamie Grace, Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant, Amy Grant, etc...

These are like some of the top Christian singers who, (in my opinion) have some of the most moving music ever! 

All my life I’ve listened to almost all Christian music, and you know what? I’m okay with that. There are times when I wish I could listen to other kinds of music, but I know the music I want to listen to just will fill my mind with things I don’t need to think about. Not saying that non Christian music is brain poison, not saying that at all! I just know hard it is for me to NOT to fallow the crowd, do what other kids do.

Taylor Swift is an example, I think she is really talented and I like a lot of her songs. But I don’t listen to them because there all about love, and relationships, why listen to music about that? There is nothing I can do with relationships at this point in my life.
 And like I said before, music can be very inspiring and get you to feel the way the artist feels. That could be good, or it could be bad if they have values different from yours. Music, movies, and books can put ideas in your head that contradict God or your parents. 

That is why I am REALLY careful with what I listen to, watch, and read.(it helps that I have really great parents)

You might be asking: why be so careful? Why don’t you live it up? You only live once.

Simple answer, I believe in God, which means this life is just the beginning. I’m living my life for God(as best as I can). 

 For me, I’m not just going to live once. I'm not special I just believe in the Special One.  


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Billn Heather said...

Great article! God bless you sweety!