Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Running the 5K Is Okay

Saturday I ran the Fredrick 5K!!!! And as you might have guessed I didn't die. Granted it was HARD - probably one of the hardest thing's I've ever done...

The race was about to start, and I could feel my adrenaline pumping. Tension was rising in the racers around me, as hundreds of people shifted their legs restlessly, just waiting to start. I shifted, would they ever say go?

And with that one word races of all ages started the Fredrick 5K. It was slow going at first, because all those people packed together made it hard to move fast. I dodged and weaved, picking up speed as I tried to remember all my dad's tip and instructions. The fist mile was brutal, heart thumping leg's throbbing, and a pain in my stomach that kept bearing down on me, but I pushed through it all. When I passed the one mile marker I felt like calling out for joy. I kept going, and I could feel the sweat in my forehead. I looked up to the sky and prayed a silent prayer. I could see the turn around point ahead, and people frantically grabbing the cups of water that were held out to them. I grabbed one and took a large gulp, expecting water. Except it wasn't water in my cup...it was a deadly substance! (Not really- it was just Gatorade. But I was expecting water.) I threw the cup in the nearest trash can, disgusted and disappointed.My whole body seemed to be screaming at me to"STOP!" But I didn't. I was going to push past all of that. I ran the first two miles, but the last mile I had to walk and run. I could see the finish coming up. Was it over? I picked up my pace, and I saw my dad close to the finish. "Good job, Victoria!" he shouted to me.There it was... the finish line... twelve feet, ten, nine, eight...I breathed hard... seven, six, five four... my legs pumped...three, two... I crossed the finish line and stopped. Happiness flooded over me as I hastily grabbed the water bottles they were handing out and continued to the food table.  And you know what? I realized that my dad had been right.The feeling of accomplishment and a cold water bottle was all the reward I needed!

5K (3.02 miles)
I finished in: 32min
I came in as the: 644th person-out of 1,200-something!