Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Writing is my life! I wouldn't know what to do if so much of my time wasn't taken up writing blog posts, critique club assignments, or writing in my book. I love to write and write and write some more.

I have written a lot. Like my "I Am Chocolate" essay. "My Wacky Diary" that gave all my Friends a laugh, and that made me happy. I wrote a fan fiction based on the 39 clues (my favorite book series!) and I am writing a novel.

I love to write. I met this Christian author who has published, well lets say a lot of books! She gave a writing talk, and she talked about self publishing, and traditional publishing. And she talked about how she became a writer, and grammar. Although I was a little disappointed that you don't get to decide what you cover looks like, she said that you really have to go along with what they give give you.=(

Here is the fist entry in My Wacky Diary. This character is not me. But is based off of me. If anybody knows me personally this is kind of what I am like. If you like it or have something to say about it please comment.

March, something or other, 2012

Dear Diary, today I walked in to a wall. So really not anything new. How did I walk in to a wall? It moved! Plus I slipped on a banana, tripped over a bucket of soapy water, and accidentally flipped off the lights, and walked down the hall all at once (BAD.IDEA!) Also I have a lump on my head that is two feet tall. How did I get that? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? I’ll tell you any way, after I flipped off the lights, I fell into some toilet paper (unused thank God!) and my brother thought I was an alien. So he kept hitting me with a baseball bat saying:

“Kill it! Kill it! kill it!”
“KILL it kill it! kill it!”
“KILL it, kill it!”

Despite all this happening, I still managed to live. After I told my brother that it was me, he laughed so hard he threw up on my NEW! Shoes!

PS. Bad day if you didn’t notice!

PPS. Rubber ducks aren’t a good snack choice. Don’t ask!

This is just the fist entry in My Wacky Diary. I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog posts!


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Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Wow! That's awesome that you started writing so young! I also wrote a lot when I was your age. It's so much fun! Keep chasing your dreams!

I {heart} the 39 clues as well, but I'm only on book 2!