Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evolution fails

When I hear the word evolution, the first word I think of is: ridiculous! They say that over billions and billions of years, everything we have today evolved. I think the theory of evolution is ridiculous because:

1.Man's complex body. Anyone who studies the body knows that they are very detailed. God thought of everything from the bone structures down to to the reproduction of cells. The heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, digestive system, skeletal system, hair, nails, and the whole body, obliterates any theory evolutionists use.The detail of the human body is so amazing, that it was enough to tell me there is a creator (plus I have been raised Christian my whole life)/ 

2. The idea that nothing formed something is illogical. I'm a twelve year old girl, and I know that! I think that evolutionists are trying to force their opinion on the people of the world. No I take that back - I know they are!    

3. The animals' instincts. How do they know that they need to get food to survive? How do they  know how to hunt? How do they know which animals are predators?

4.There are some animals that just defy evolution. The giraffe is an example. Watch this short video to see what I mean.

5. The beauty of the world: the mountains, trees, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables. The variety of all these, plus the beauty of them all, couldn't be formed from nothing! The ability they have to know how to work, grow, and live out their natural life is absolutely amazing!

The whole world, and everything that's in it, shouts I HAVE A CREATOR. It's just a matter of are we going to listen to them, and God?
And all of this does have a Creator. The Lord Jesus Christ. He is the maker of every living thing. All the trees, plants, mountains, stars, and the sky. And everything, and every one, was made by God. And no evolutionists can tell me otherwise. 


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