Monday, April 2, 2012


Challenges in teen life is something I find a lot. Trying to knock down, or jump over challenges, is hard.

That why I need God's help in the steps of my life as a teenager (and throughout life).

 And I know He wants to help me over every stone I stumble on, and to help me back up when I fall on life.

I need him to be there, to help me push through, and not turn back. God is there to guide me through the blizzards of life, emotions of a young  teen, because He cares. He helps everybody take steps they never took before.

When I have problems or troubles, the people I turn to are my Parents, and the Lord to guide me.  Like in relationships - I   turned to my mom for that. She has gone through the exact things I was going through. So we sat down and had many talks about that sort of thing.

I like talking to my mom, and the Lord, about challenges, problems, and dilemmas. Life seems so weird and sometimes hard. Like now, my challenge is trying to figure out how to stay focused on God, and not on anybody else.Which may sound easy to the ear, but not to the heart.
Everything changed when I turned ten two years ago, responsibility popped up, problems floated around in my head, emotions  overcame me, and as I got older those things happened more often. They were overwhelming me. And that's when I took a deep breath and realized everyone has some problem holding them back, and we have to let God help us get through it.

But, then again, God never said life would be easy, but He also didn't say it would be impossible.


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A.D. Duling said...

Your an amazing young lady Victoria, thank you for your thoughts...