Friday, April 20, 2012


A new draw to romance is something that affects a lot of teen girls. You start to see boys in a different way. And that is just part of growing up. But sometimes girls let that kind of thing take control of their life. I have a friend who only talks about is boys, kissing, and dating. And it makes me realize how much different my thinking is from hers. She was at my slumber party this past year, she asked one of my home-schooled friends who the first boy she ever kissed was! I later apologized to my friend because my friend is a Christian (like me) and doesn’t even think about romance much. I’m glad I’ not obsessed with the whole romance thing.

Liking a boy is just something that happens to every girl (well, most). At one point or another for some people, like me, you like someone early. And for others it’s just something that goes on when you’re an adult. And you have to think what’s the point of dating? I think it's to look for a husband. But I’ve met kids who are probably as young as six and are talking about their boyfriends. What’s the point of having a boyfriend when you're six?

Being a Christian, I try and keep God first.  Then family. And then things like friends and relationships come next. There is a boy at my church that I like, and have liked for more than a year now! Longer than I ever liked any one. But I have to remember to focus on God. 


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Aunt Mary said...

Hi Victoria! I love to read your blog.

Just a thought on this post... I think even good Christian girls can be easily distracted by thoughts of romance and it can take over their hearts and minds before they even realize it. It's good that you recognize what the purpose of dating is and I'm glad you seem to be guarding your mind and heart against getting your priorities confused. Your friend can learn from your good example so that she knows better how to live out being the Christian that I am sure she wants to be.