Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love my parents!

I know that some teens don't have good relationships with their parents. But I wouldn't say that about me though. I love my parents. Sometimes they think they are bad parents. But they're not! My dad thinks he is a bad parent because he has to work out of town, and he doesn't get to spend much time with us. But he's not! He's actually a good dad for doing all that stuff! Because he is doing it because he loves me. And it makes me happy to know that he will work seven days a week for months, because he loves me.And I love him, and I will never stop loving him.

And my mom had a brain tumor, so the medication makes her tired a lot, often landing me with the job of making dinner. But I really don't mind...well sometimes I get upset about it, but then I tell myself mom can't help being tired. And it's fine. I love her, and seek out her advice on a lot of things. And I get good answers. Mom is the one I seek out when have a question about growing up, because she was once a teen girl too, just like me. And I love my mom.Very much.

Sometimes I think about what would happen if something ever happened to them. And it makes me cry every time I do. I would miss dad saying " there's a booger in the sugar, no it's snot." And my mom helping me when I have a problem, and their hugs, mom watching movies late at night, and helping me with my school. And the way dad would always say "mom!" when he went in their room when she was changing and she would freak out for a second. And the way they both laugh.....If something happened to my parents, I just wouldn't want to live any more!

And I look around my room and see all the wonderful things they have given me. My snake, my cool 31 bag, all my cloths, my bed, desk, books, an iTouch, a phone, the computer I am writing this on. And practically every thing I own! And I see it all, and I know I am loved. And I thank God for the parents and their love, with all my heart. 

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nutschell said...

what a sweet post! I'm glad to see teens like you exist out there:) way to go!
Happy A-Zing!