Monday, April 9, 2012


Keeping a healthy body is important in teen life..If  you like sports and play them a lot, or you are involved in some sort of activity that involves lots of movement, you need lots of nutritious foods like vitamins and protein, and you just don't find that in chips sodas and candy bars. (Although the cocoa in dark chocolate has lots of healthy aspects. See my mom's blog letter C on her blog, Coffee in the Garden, for more on the benefits of dark chocolate)

Sometimes I get tired of the whole "eat healthy" thing. I get frustrated and wonder "whats so important about being healthy?" even though I know the answer, and my mom has told me why three hundred times. Some times I feel like I just want a soda or chips, candy, ice cream, something that I want! Sometimes I just want to eat what I want to eat! But I know my parents are only trying to protect me and raise me in the right way.

But also there are other reasons to stay healthy. This book I read talked about girls who think they're fat, and will just stop eating completely!
It's called Anorexia.These girls, no matter how much they starve themselves, always see a a fat girl in the mirror.

There is another eating disorder found in teens, called Bulimia, where a girl will eat, and eat, and eat, and then make herself throw it up. (gross)

So my thought is if you have a healthy body to begin with maybe those would have a less chance of happening.
Now that's just the way I see it. But sometimes it is hard to eat the healthy way, because I just want to eat what my friends are eating.Or look like I'm grown up and drink a soda when my mom and dad aren't there. And trust me I struggle with these things too. It's hard to get yourself in the habit of eating healthy. But give it a shot and you will thank yourself later.




Anonymous said...

You have a very mature mindset regarding health that most kids are lacking. 20 years from now you will not regret your decisions. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

PS, I home school my kids : )

A.D. Duling said...

I like your post Victoria, I strive to keep my kids aware of healthy eating habits and exercise. Good post!

P.S. Belimia and Anorexia is a struggle for many teens today, wonderful to post about it and spread the awareness!