Saturday, April 7, 2012


Friends are something I couldn't live without. I hate being alone. But luckily I have don't have to worry about being alone. I have lots of friends, and my BFF. My friend Elanore lives in Florida, and she is one of my all time best friends. I've always thought of her as my sister. But her parents are missionaries so she is always moving. But I have always admired the way she handled life. She was the perfect sister, daughter, and Christan girl. At least in my eyes.
Then there's my friend Ellie. We have been best friends for seven years. I like to make her laugh. She is the best friend I could ever have! We have had seven years of fun filled times... I LOVE MY BFF! We hang out together we go to youth group together, we do everything together.
My friend Becca is the one I talk to about growing up sort of things the most.(My BFF doesn't want to grow up). I like to talk to someone my age about things girls my age talk about. It just feels better to express myself to someone who is going through what I'm going through. And I like to socialize with lots of other friends. I have friends at co-op, at church, and other places.My friend Abby is eighteen, and she is going to college soon. I don't know how I'll do without her. She has been a good friend for the last five years, and I look at her and see myself in five years. She told me that the idea of leaving her home and family and going out in to the world scared her.( And I don't blame her.) I can't imagine leaving my family. =O
 I am very lucky to have as many friends as I do. And I thank God for every one of them.


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