Tuesday, April 8, 2014


this is not my garden =)

 Veggie gardens are one of the most common city and country self reliance choices. Many use even the smallest back yard for their little hobby veggie gardens. Others use their lots of space to plant and harvest lots of things.

April seems to be the start to a lot of our new projects such as bees and a our garden. Our garden has just been started and isn’t even showing little greens pushing up out of the soil. 

So alas I cannot tell you how my garden food tastes, or what is looks like, or what is like to work in the garden. =(

 We do have it laid out and have many thing growing in small containers that will then be transferred to our garden once they get bigger. 

The work I have spent on our garden was a few long hard hours hauling bricks and outlining the beds with them. 
But I know without a shadow of a doubt that fresh, organic, fruits and veggies from my yard will be the best ever! 

And I can’t wait to see the little sprouts push up out of the soft Virginian soil and grow big, and colorful, and be so pretty I wont want to eat it! I’m excited for those days. I had a garden before, but it was filled with amazing flowers. But a garden where we will grow thing we can eat and not have to get from the store will magnificent
garden lay out
We are going to have Carrots, peas, lettucezucchini, onions, peppers, strawberries, blackberries, cucumbers, celery, melons, asparagus, and so much more! 

With enough space we decided to go all out on our garden! 
Hopefully in a few months or so something will be up, grown, and ready to eat. 

The idea of not needing to buy food from the store is so foreign and weird to a lot of people, and in some cases myself. 

We have chickens - not buying eggs
We have bees - not buying honey
We have a garden -not buying fruits and veggies =)

I really like all of this and hope that one day soon we can get goats, and maybe next year I can do goats for G. 

Victoria. . .  


betty said...

You and your family have planted a nice garden! Lots of yummy vegetables! It will be fun to track the progress of it as everything starts to grow!


Lisa said...

I love getting fresh fruits & veggies from farmers markets - they're so good! Growing them yourself would make them even better!

Tara Tyler R said...

great discovery posts - i feel like i'm on a journey into your "country" world. especially like the "differences" post! enjoying your pleasant & positive perspective!

happy h day!