Thursday, April 17, 2014

New things

The amount of new things I have encountered in the past eight months is a good number of new things for sure.

1. When I moved I had to get used to being twenty minutes from everything not five or ten. 

2. I had to adjust to the kind of stores they have in my invisible town of Gore. 

3. The quiet was new to me. 

4. For seven long moths I had to cope without even a few local acquaintances.

5. We changed from a small church to a indescribably large church.

6. I had to get used to country life, which I actually was fine with.

7. I had to change where I went when I was mad, sad, or upset. Before I would just swing on the tree swing in my old backyard until all my problems flew away. Now I have  tree that I can see over the front yard. It's really peaceful. 

8. The people who had been in my life on a weekly bases, were no longer with me much.

 These were some of the bigger changes, little ones fallowed like:

9. No wegmans where we lived (we adore that place)

10. No ten minute drive to the park.

11. Every trip in to town is minimum of two hours.

So travel was a BIG change. Aka new thing. 

And if I though really hard I could think of all the other little new thing that make one BIG change. But I think I listed enough for you to get the idea =)

One change = 1,000,000 little or big new things

This is what it will be like for most entering a new situation, and or a new life style . . .be prepared!

Victoria. . .

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