Friday, April 18, 2014


Since I was kid I always loved to take pictures. I like posing for them, setting up photo shoots, and taking pictures in general. The only camera I have ever used was the ones on my phone and iPod. Which, even though a good camera, it never could do things to quite the justice I wanted. Sometimes the beauty I wanted to capture was to great, and could only truly be experienced by sight. Then other times it was just my camera was’t good enough!

And to my joy, three or four weeks ago my mom bought a real professional camera, this is a really nice camera. Well after that it was another week and a half before I got my hands on it. And when I did . . .I took three pictures and fell in love with it. And in the past week or so have taken more pictures that I can count! 
Pictures of flowers, birds, planes, the sky, grass, trees, my home, my pets, and our chickens. I even took a picture of a brick! 

Pictures can be magical, and like they say worth 1,000 words.

Now I’m a little jealous, and I want a camera of my own like my mom’s. But the price for her camera, even on a really good discount was way out of this no allowance, non income girl'
s budget. Plus I am trying to save for a car, a laptop, and I am going to Florida for a week or more in May. So I’m stuck sharing. Which Is totally fine =)

So get out there people and take some pictures!

Victoria. . . 

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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I really enjoyed your pictures! Especially the one of the sunset. (or is it a sunrise?)
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