Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Youth group (new)

For seven long months I struggled with no local friends. The closest close friend was an hour from my new home. Through those months I kept asking God why things were the way they were, why didn't I have any local friends? why was he keeping that from me? Was there a reason?

The fist few months we travels to our old church every other week, but gradually I began to realize important friends had left and the others didn't notice me anymore. . they had gone on without me. And I still hadn't gone on without them, that hurt more than not having any friends at all!

So after we stopped going to our old church and found a new one I desperately tried to get into to the youth events there, but I seemed to miss my chance every time I tried.

A little under a month ago my mom contacted the youth pastor at our new to church to get any info she could about them, things I could get involved in and go to etc.
yes it's blurry =)
I'm the one in the white sweater.

Well God had answered my prayer, that Friday I went to one of the best youth events ever!
As you can imagine I was nervous beyond belief when I got there, but I talked to really nice small group leader, and as I was talking to her a guy came up and asked me if I had said I used to live in Frederick MD, turns out he lived there too and now lives only a few miles from my house on five acres also, we had a lot of things in common due to the fact that we were both homeschooled and lived in the same city and state, we talked for awhile and then the lady I talked to when I first go there introduced me to her small group. I really hit it off with them and enjoyed a really great night with teens around my own age.

Looking at it now I think God wanted me to meet those people at that time. That night was a blessing for me.

 Thanks to all who made me feel welcome, I really felt like part of your group that night! It was so fun!

Victoria. . .


Mary Palkovic said...

I'm so glad you have made some new friends in VA! After I got married and had Rose, I really didn't have any friends around. I kept praying for friends who were Christians and in my same state in life (married and maybe with children). I waited a long time before God answered my prayer, but when he did, he came through BIG TIME. I have a whole group of like-minded friends that I get to spend time with now. God is good, all the time... and in all things, he works for the good of those who love him. :)

MS said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good time at the youth group event.
God is so good, he hears our prayers. They just don't get answered the way we want all the time or as fast as we want. I'm glad yours were answered pretty quick.
Keep turning to Him. He will give you the desires of your heart.

Visiting from the A-to-Z challenge, Mary @ The View from my World