Tuesday, April 15, 2014


No matter how far away you get from someone you love there will always be one thing that distance can’t take away from you. Your memories.
Life isn’t perfect, but when you miss someone you can remember the perfect(or imperfect) moments you had with that person. 
When I miss my Maryland friends, I just remember them, it leaves a smile on my face. 
I can close my eyes and pick a day and time where I remember something funny or great happened, and I will be there all over again listening to the people say the thing I had preserved in my memory. The things that made me happy or made me laugh.

I recently made some new friends, I am getting in to some events at my church, and going to a co-op next year where a lot of the kids at a youth event I went to also go to. 

And now,for some reason,  the world doesn’t seem like it’s on the verge of ending anymore.
I still have my really close friends that I miss A LOT and really wish I got to see more. 

My memories of the past have paved my path for the future. There are friends I never hope to forget, and I want them to stay in my life forever no matter where I go or where they go. 
What I am saying is that God gave me some wonderful memories of my friends and family, the kind that will always put a smile on my face. These people that were and still are in my life are the most important people in the world to me! Besides my direct family of course. =)

The memories of these people keep me going till I see them next. 

Life has it’s complications at every turn, bumps in the road will slow you down, and stop signs are everywhere. But while your going remember those people that made you laugh and smile and maybe even cry. God has or had them in you life for a reason.

Victoria . . .

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