Saturday, April 5, 2014


Eggs. Everyone uses them, eating, baking,  and cooking. They're a basic staple to life. Something that is always on your grocery list.
Unless you have you own chickens. With our own chickens we don’t have to buy eggs from the store, except for the off season for the chickens (winter).

left is our egg, right is store egg
We get nearly six eggs a day, which means 28-42 eggs a week. Yes this number varies much because our chickens are still coming back from their slow winter.
But that is still a lot of eggs! 

And we get to choose what goes into the chickens and that decides the quality of the eggs, you feed a chicken awful food you get and very low quality egg, you feed a chicken good food and let it forage for the rest you get a high quality egg that is worth the title Good. 

Also the taste of our eggs to the taste of store eggs, even the Wegmans organic, is so much better. And we can tell the difference. One egg yolk is even brighter and healthier looking than the the other can you guess which? Our egg. The bright orange one. 

Eggs are kind of like raw milk, if you don’t get them from a animal that has been treated right and given the right kind of food, space, and outdoors you're going to get net very nice result. When I was a kid I hated milk, I never put it on my cereal and NEVER drank it, but after my mom started getting raw milk it was beyond good, it was wonderful!Same with the eggs I never really ate eggs much, and didn’t really enjoy them when I did. So after awhile my mom convinced me to try one of our egg (I had used them for baking and such but never to eat by itself) and I did and LOVED it! 

When you get milk and eggs from the grocery store you're not getting the real thing, you're getting a pathetic imitation that was given to you the cheapest way possible. Not the way God intended them to be. 

So love and care for your chickens(if you have any) the right way =)



Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the eggs! We are fortunate to have a place and room for chickens. When everyone is laying we get about 20 eggs a day. Which is fun, because we always have extra and can share them with friends and family.
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Mikaylin Hackley said...

haha I wrote about eggs too. Guess it's not as original as I thought :) mikaylinrocks@ A to Z challenge