Monday, April 7, 2014

Friends and family

my going away party

 Family and friends, the most important thing to me and my greatest motivator, besides God of course. 

My church was small, I became friends with all the teens there. We were a crazy group that had the best of times together, parties, youth events, and church. We would always be in our circle talking about the stupid and funny stuff that we did or didn’t do. 
Those were some of the best days of my life. But as I have discovered this past year, things change. My friend Abby went away to collage in California, and I left, and not long after that a really good friend of mine left my old church too. Our lives would never be the same again, for the people who left and the people who stayed.
But we will always remember our good times and hope God blesses us with more.

youth trip.
 I don’t get to see my BFF very much, once a week, and we can’t hang out, and hardly have time to talk. I miss her so much. <3

My other group of friends was at my co-op, that was even a crazier group of kids we had a blast, most of us were in drama(so fun) and did comedies for gallery day. 
My friends are true friends that I can count on, and even though I’ve lost contact with most of them I know they were and are trues friends.

My going away party was a blast I had a whole bunch of my teenage friends over, and we played games, ate food, and stood around the little contained fire. My friends are the best and most of them Christians. My dad says he loves it when I get together with my friends because its so different from when normal teenagers get together. 
So to all my friends out there I love you and miss you all! And thanks to Abby, Ellie, Ryan, Amber, and all my other friends for helping me adjust to my new life.

And my family, gosh i miss them. I love my family and my little cousins, they are the best. 
Two of my cousins Rose and Elanor who are 6 and 4, they are my joy, we love to play together and do all kind of fun stuff and dress up, and I used to baby sit them all the time. After I moved I heard my aunt talking about how she was having two teenagers from her homeschool group baby sit Rose and Elanor, that did more than break my heart.
My cousins and me.
Two girls that my aunt had never meat were going to babysit MY cousins, I should be babysit them! But I knew I couln’t , and that made me want to cry.

All my cousins seem to get bigger every time I see them! My cousin Adam, gosh he gets taller every time I see him, he is seven and I still remember holding him on my lap when he was little. I was little too! I would have only been 7 or 8.
 I love my cousins so much! And I miss my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and ALL of my cousins, some of which are in TX, and some in PA. 
So love to all of my family <3!

Family and friends mean the world to me. People who don’t have time for friends or family have no life! 

God gave us family and friends to be there for us and for us to be there for them. Family and friends are a gift from God don’t keep love them and appreciate them. 

Victoria. . .

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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Friends and family are very important! Good you know that early on. If we always had the friends we started out with in our lives, would be dare to make more? You'll find sometimes things circle around and someone who was once in your life and then out will come back around down the road.