Saturday, April 19, 2014


Short and sweet is my deliverance today.
Quiet isn't a word you can link to a city. Especially Frederick MD. Where I lived there were always cars driving by, people shouting, ambulances and cop cars wailing, loud music playing, and the occasional search helicopter.

I went to sleep listening to this, woke up to it, and for as long as I can remember it was my background noise.

When I moved out here I realized I could step outside and the only thing I would hear was the songs of nature. Birds, wind. . .it became the new background noise. It was noise that calmed me down instead of stressing me out.

unfortunately we didn't leave all the midnight music rockers in Frederick. Up the hill from us, on most friday nights, they're having a grand old time and playing their music loud enough so I can here.
But most of the time it's good, sweet, peaceful quiet. =)

Victoria. . .  

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