Thursday, April 12, 2012

cute kitten

Kittens are the most adorable things ever!They are so lovable and cuddly. And they are soft and fuzzy.And for some reason when there warm little body curl up next to you, you feel calm, or if you were sad they are comforting. Kitten are cut and energetic, and most of them love to play.
I loved the kitten I had, but he was ornery and destructive and some times nice. But I  loved him any way, he was my little baby and I had to give him back. He was more my cat than anyone else is. My heart hurt more than it had ever hurt before when we gave him back. But latter I realized it was for the best.

Kitten are little balls of fury fun and love, kittens play 30% of the day Get in to trouble 15% and 10% eating and 45% sleeping, cat's and kittens love to sleep. And unlike dogs, who want to please there master. Cats couldn't care less. They just like to sleep, and sleep. And sleep some more. I guess it's just there born hobby.Plus cat's like to wonder around at night. I remember when I would have my hand hanging over the side of the bed, and my cat would ponce on them and make me jump. I loved playing with him. I loved him. And that's why it hurt so much to give him back, but God is helping me get through and see that it will all work out.

Kittens are a comforting companion, and fun to watch. Fun to play with. Sleep with. Cuddle with.
But the thing I love the most about kittens(or cats) is they are so comforting. They make me feel better when I'm sad. Peaceful when I was mad, calm when I am nervous. All and all cat's just make me feel a lot better, and I hope I have another one someday.


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