Monday, April 30, 2012

$$$$$$$$IF I WAS A ZILLIONAIRE!$$$$$$$$$$

If I won a zillion dollar you know what I would do?Well I would probably give a billion to the church. Then I would probably give another couple billion to my mom and dad, so my dad wouldn't have to work for money. He could get a job as a police officer just for a hobby. Then I guess I would give my brother 1 million dollars,  which might not be a good idea, since he would probably go ransack the Lego row at the toys store. And I'd probably give a lot away to my family and friends. 

But with the rest of it I would buy a big house with lot's of land, and horses. And a swimming pool the size of a house! And inside I would have big couches and a huge room for myself with a big canopy bed the color of emeralds. I will have a fencing court in the back yard (my brother's idea). And a theater. And a few dogs and cats. And I would have my agent track down the cat I had once and bring him back to me. And a room for lizards and snakes of all kinds. And I would have a library and and kitchen with a chef! And then I'm going to go to Kauai, and France. And I would buy a a cool car. This is all "what if..."

I wish it was true. I would love to have a ton of money. But that's probably not what God has in store for me. But I am thankful for what I have.......

A-Z note: I have been more than glad to participate in the A-Z blog challenge. I hope you have enjoyed my topics. But from now on I will only posting a blog post every few days. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. =)



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Britney Gulbrandsen said...

What a fun thing to think about :)