Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Zara is one of the best cats a girl could hope for. She is so cute almost every thing she does looks cute! She gets in these little moods where she just wants to play and she will bolt down the hall run and slide through the kitchen flip over when she tryies to get a toy, you walk up to her she will run down the stairs.

And it so funny to watch her pounce on something, she crouch down to the floor or peer over the edge of the steps, ear back her little but wiggling, and then she pounces

But she does get tiered and she can sleep almost for the whole day except the couple times she gets up to eat or stretch her legs. She will sleet on her bed on sweaters, suitcases, you! On the couch, the floor, dinning room chairs, she can pretty much sleep any where.

And her playing with toys is so funny! You will throw a toy and she will let out a little squeak and run after it (she doesn't really meow she squeaks)

But are cat is not your normal kind of cat, she is a Manx cat, she has a little stub of a tail and she can jump really high and she has little tufts of fur on the top of her ears, my dad sometimes calls her a little bob cat.

And her story of how she came to us is really a blessing from God. We had another cat that well... long story short he was mean we gave him back. We though we would never have another cat again, really it was my dad who didn't want to get another one. And then the weekend before Christmas mom and dad went out on some errands and then said they were coming home to pick us up and take us some where. And we went to the animal shelter! You have no idea how surprised  I was, and in my head I was thinking oh goodie only one more step to get dad to get me a cat. And we went in there and saw Zara (Yara at the time, we changed her name) and we though she was the cutes cat in the world, but the lady said she already had two people waiting to see if they could take her home, so of course when the lady asked us if we wanted to hold her, I didn't because I didn't want to get attached and I was wondering why she was letting us hold her if there was no chance we could have her. Then dad told us he was the second person waiting to see if we could have and i freaked out, I was so happy. And the next day they told us she was ares.

My whole family believes she is a blessing from God.
sorry no pictures i couldn't get them on to this computer. =(



Rebecca said...

Great job making it to the end!! It was fun reading your blog, and I feel like I now have a little more insight into your life since I don't get to see you very often!
Much love!
Auntie Becky :-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.