Saturday, April 27, 2013


God knows who you are on the inside, you can't hide who you really are from him. Your friends and your family see the out side you, the way you act when your around them. But God see's who you really are.  So be who you really are Don't pretend to be someone else when your around your friends, and that may seem easy but it's a lot harder that you think trust me I know, I am a very care free crazy loud person. At home i am still like that sometimes, but I am more serious at home and not a every thing is funny kind of girl. Is this bad that my friend do not know this side of me? Maybe.
Some people act like Christians when there around other Christians but don't really believe in it themselves, but god can see you, so don't hide behind your cross because God can see right passed it what your really doing. So make your faith known alone and in public. =)

sorry this is sort I am going to Hershey Park!


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Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Excellent head knowledge for a young lady of your age! The best gift we can give ourselves is to be true to ourselves. The best gift we can give our Lord is to let ourselves be true to Him. - Barbara