Saturday, April 20, 2013


Romance is something most teenage girls encounter in there lives. Todays teenagers start dating at what 11 years old? It's ridiculous!

My parents have taught me that dating is to find someone you want to marry, or to get to better know someone you think you might want to marry.

Dating in my mind is not something you do for fun, and not something that should be doing in your early teenage years.

Lots of teenagers my age, are dating and lots of teenagers make out with a boy, and then dump them a week latter. They treat a kiss so causally like it's just a part of every day life. But it's not.
My mom has always tole me that when you a kiss a guy you give pice of your heart away. And the bible says that you are suppose to give your whole heart to your husband.
So how can you do that if lots of other guys have pieces of your heart?

But having a crush on a boy isn't something you can control. I myself have a turns out mutual crush on a boy in my church. And when I talk to my friends that aren't Christian and tell them that we both like each other they want to know why were not dating. My answer to them was were to young. And they disagree with that because he's fifteen and I'm thirteen. I wish I had told them I was because we are Christians. But I didn't.

And my best freind and i do talk to eachother about boys and exciting things that happened and things like that.

My only love at the moment is my God and my family, and that's fine with me.


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