Monday, April 29, 2013

Youth Group

I know I did this last year for Y but my youth group has changed. People coming in and people going out. My brother and a few of his friends are now technically in are youth group but they still act like they always did, crazy, and annoying. They go around the church matchmaking (annoying) and apparently me and the the boy I like are the hit target, so there always going around the church singing something like "Victoria and the boy I like (I'm not putting his name up on purpose) sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-", and by this time I have probable heard them and bee headed them, no I'm just kidding, but I have thought about it. But thankfully I have learned to ignore it. And my little brother respects me and does not join in, and makes his little friends shut up!

My friend Abby she has been in the youth group seance I came here five years ago, and now she is off to Collage in California! If your reading this Abby I will miss you! But it's not like I can't get a hold of her she will have Facbook, and texting, calling, I will have lot's of way to get in touch with her.

But the rest of my youth group is just as it always is , crazy, weird, and fun. I mean if you ever have read the other post I did on my youth group you heard about some of the crazy stunts that some of my friends have done. But there are a few new ones, one of my friends put ketchup in there coke! Or at least that's what I think happened(I wasn't there) And then last week, my friend Ryan climbed in to one of those big concert drainage pip things! And you want to know why? To get some rocks to throw in to the steam. See, I wisly avoide all these crazy stunts. OKAY! Not all the time, like yesterday I was at my friends house with couple other friends and me my brother and Ryan (yeah Ryan dose crazy stuff all the time. Like me!) we were out side in the cold rain and throwing water bottles until they busted, and then whoever got to the busted water bottle first, splashed the last bit of water left in it on someone else. Yeah that was fun! And cold (shiver) 

I love my friend and all the wacky stuff we do together. I am going to miss them when I leave. Uh-oh, I wasn't suppose to say that! Well I guess you have to come back Wednesday to find out what I mean (; 


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