Monday, April 22, 2013


Most teenager girls my age like shopping. Or at least I do! I love shopping for cloths and jewelry and stuff, and I just recently got my ears pierced, so soon I get to go earring shopping. SO fun! I like shopping with people, but I always feel like there trying to rush me. I can't really go shopping with my BFF because she doesn't like shopping, I found that out when I went on a shopping trip with her, another friend, my mom and me. Me and my Best friend were both sick, so my other friend did most of the talking. Plus neither of them had really any money. So I was shopping and trying things on and my best friend was sitting bored on the floor. Yeah not the best shopping experience I have ever had.

I enjoy shopping when it's just me and my mom, because she not really hurrying me (unless we have somewhere else to be) she gets me new sizes of cloths if they are to big or to small and she gives me her honest opinion. =)

But when I'm shopping it makes me sad to see all the terribly inappropriate stuff is out for my age, and just teenagers in general. There immodest and sometimes offensive. When walk by Victoria's secret (that store has has nothing to do with me!) my little brother always has to walk with his eyes closed because there is a fifty foot poster of a woman in her bra and underwear! I am so sick of it!
And I'm getting a little worried about where I am going to find a modest pair of shorts when I fit in to juniors! Because all the shorts teenagers wear these days cover what? Like a inch of your thy! Like I said

1 Timothy 2:9 
Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire

But I love shopping for other people, and getting gifts for them. I love Christmas shopping! It's so fun! I start stashing money away in August.

Yes as you can see I love to shop! And I love to shop for other people better. Do you like shopping?


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Rebecca said...

I actually hate shopping, even when I have money, unless it's for other people. I am a terrible judge of what looks nice and modest on me. Next time I got clothes shopping, maybe you can tag along and tell me how I look! :)