Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm sure at one point or another all of us girls have thought about are wedding a little bit. I Have, I didn't really though until I started watching "cake boss" and "say yes to the dress" I love those shows partly because I love designing things (cake boss) and
partly because I love fashion (say yes to the dress)

Weddings are so fun! I have been in quite a few, but that was when I was younger, I was the flower girl for pretty much all my aunts weddings, except for my dad's sister I was old enough then to be a brides made! I was only 8 or 9 at the time but I loved it! And I was old enough to see how much work and planing wen't in to that wedding. And it was a lot!
My favorite part was always the reception when I was younger. The last wedding I was to my grandma's brothers ( I was a spectator)  wedding and this was his third wife so I wasn't a very big  affair.

I love looking at dresses, when I was with a friend her whole family went to go watch her older sister try on wedding dresses, and I tagged along it was fun. And I love the cakes! And I  just love planing for things, so wedding in my mind are fun joyous celebration of a two people (a man and a woman) joining together for the rest of there lives

Weddings are beautiful, marriage is beautiful. This God intended between one man and one woman. I  love the part where  they make the vows it makes my shiver with joy.

But it makes me sad when the vows are ignored, mistreated, and forgotten. In other words a divorce. It's sad but it happens a lot more than it should. Either didn't take the time to fine out weather or not they really wanted to spend the rest of there lives with that someone, or when they are married they fight and they think it's all over! It's sad.

But weddings a grate occasion a time for smiles congratulations, and a happiness for the new start.


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