Monday, April 15, 2013


A good deal of teenagers don't have a grate relationship with there moms. Or don't like there mom.But not me, I love my mom! We have a great bond that I will always treasure.

Like a good amount of teenagers in the world I depend on my mom, I love her, and I tell her what's going on with my life.

I enjoy shopping with my mom, and talking to her about, boys, my worries, problems, and the hard ships of being a teenager.

When we go out to talk I sometimes talk to her about the boy I like, and how I should act towards him. Because it's hard not to get caught up in the "normal" teenage life. So she helps me in how to deal with my feelings in a Christian way.

She gives me advice when I need it, if I am having problems with friends or any thing like that. And I can talk to her about the whole growing up process when ever I need to. If I have any questions, she dose her best to answer.

She is always there when I need her. And no matter what she says I think she is the best mom ever.
But I am a teenager and I will admit, that I want more freedom, um I kind of want to do what I that dose cause problems sometimes. We do get in fights when I argue about something.

But I know that in the end she will always love me no matter what, and I will always love her. And God blessed me with the best mom in the world!



Anonymous said...

Well done on an excellent post, you have great compassion and love for your mother, some mothers are not so lucky. You'll go far with an outlook like yours.


Rebecca said...

I'm so happy you and your mama have this close relationship! Tell her that since I'm the next in line in our family to have a teen-aged daughter, I'll be hitting her up for some advice! lol Perhaps Angelina can hit YOU up for advice on how to deal with me, too! <3