Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Telephones was something that only a few people had in the beginning. You had to talk to the operator and ask for your number! And there was no way you could play angry birds while texting! Texting wasn't even invented!

But now a day it's weird if someone doesn't have there own cell phone! One of my mom's friends doesn't have a cell phone and in my mind it's crazy to hear if someone doesn't, even I have a cell phone!

Texting is one of the most basic forms of communications in the US. Me and my friends used to sit in a line and text each other instead of talking. Yeah that was just a phase but it was funny. Most of my friends have texting on there iPod touches, I don't. =( the only way I have texting is on my real phone, and that is no fun because the colors are all black and wight no emoticons,
 and you can't send pictures! How dumb is that? But I am getting my new I touch soon and then I am going to get I messages on my phone!

Cell phones can be dangerous to there are thousands of car crashes are caused by texting while driving.
Texting and driving can be one of the most dangerous thing's you can do when your in your car.

Did you know there is even a law that says you can't text and drive? Your not even allowed to check your text massages while your in the drivers seat!

Some people go over board with texting and start using text abbreviations in there every day speech which is kind of weird. And I have to admit I do it some times two, it's kind of the thing teenagers do. There are so many abbreviations for texting:

LoL, TMI, FYI, TTYL, SYL ect. the list go's on and on!

But even with it's disadvantages Texting is fun! A good way to communicate, and a great design of technology.

Do you text?


Pam Margolis said...

yes i love to text! i would rather text than call. sometimes i get forgetful so it helps to have the text message available in case i forget what i was gonna do.

Lisa said...

I do. It's funny to text my older sisters (both over 50) because they're both so bad at it. My 15 year old daughter texts me from school (shame on her!) but I don't mind, since I know what she's up to while I'm at work.