Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It never realy hits you that your moving until the boxes start piling up around your house. 

This is how it is for me. What I said I would fight till my death to keep from happening is going to happen in the next to weeks! I told my dad that I would never move, and now I dare to say I am excited.

But after living in the same house for ten years and then say "kids were moving!" just doesn't cut it. But when you have lived in the same house for ten years and then they say "kids were moving!" and then you see boxes stacking up all around you, well that's like dropping a bomb on someones head!

Yesterday I spent all afternoon packing boxes in my room, and watching Little House On The Prairie (very fun)

 My friends aren't happy with the meaning of the boxes that keep piling up in are home. But I just told them "it's in God's hands. He has a reason for me moving,and all my friends and family to trust that its for the best."

Besides i'm not moving to mars people!


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