Friday, May 3, 2013


Change is not something I am aquatinted with,I don't little changes I want every thing to be the way they were. That's why I think moving is going to be so hard.

I have never ever liked change, I didn't even like when mom and dad decided to change where the Christmas tree was in are house! I threw a fit about it, but you know what? After they did it I loved it.

God can use Change to well...change people for the better. When I move I will make friends (hopefully) that I never would have made if we hadn't moved . Maybe some one I meet will except Christ because I shared it with them, and maybe they will change my life in some way too.

I am starting to listen to people when they tell me God can use Change to change someone for the better. And I know that my family could never stay in MD, are state is falling apart fast, (some of you may know what I mean and some of you may not) and Maryland is up near the lead. This country is changing, but not for the better.

My family needs to live in a deferent state and I know all the reasons and I agree with them. But that doesn't cushion the blow much.

Yes I do get excited about are new house all of are land and the possibilities it holds. But like I said, I have lived in MD almost my whole life, my roots are in deep, and it's going to be painful to pull them up.

But I will fallow the Lords path, because I know whatever he is doing is for the best.


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Rebecca said...

Since moving to a different state was terrifying to me as an adult, I'm sure it is much more-so for you. BUT, you have a great attitude, and you will be okay. God uses ALL things for good!