Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Face the Challenge

You couldn't keep me from writing fiction stories if you pointed a gun at me! (okay maybe that not true but you get the idea.) Writing a fiction story is the gate to making a world or place any way you want. It’s the gate to imagination with mystery, magic, fantasy, or reality. I love to write and that is why I am participating in the A-Z blog challenge.

The A-Z blog challenge is a challenge against yourself.  On day one you write about a subject that starts with A, day two is B, day three is C, and so on. If you need more details, visit the A-Z challenge website. It starts on APRIL FIRST!! If you have a blog, and like to write join the competition against only yourself ……

Are you up for the challenge?

PS - make sure you visit me every day in April to see what I'm writing about.


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